Being a Titans fan is like being in a secret society...

The further away from Nashville you live, the more you understand. It is a very rare thing for me to see a Titans fan in northeast Indiana. Being in the heart of Colts country, two tone blue is like wearing a bulls-eye on your back. I sport my gear proudly and only usually get ripped on by friends, coworkers, people in my class, people that come into work, people I see walking down the road, children riding a school bus, homeless people... I guess by just about everyone.

Every now and then, you run into a fellow fan of the flaming thumbtack and you are instantly bonded. You could have already known that person from a prior engagement and hated him or her but as soon as you both find out you are Titans fans, that is it. You now have a connection with that person that you rarely find in your place of residence. No matter what, that person knows that if a football conversation springs up out of nowhere, you have his back and vice versa. It doesn't even matter if they agree upon the subject, Titans fans stick together.

I bring this up because, as I walked into class today, such a scenario happened. Shaking off the fact that it is -2 outside, I am putting my coat, gloves, and bag in the seat next to me when I hear a guy telling this girl about how Richardson was an awful trade for a 1st round pick. I laughed to myself because it was. Then he mentioned Chris Johnson having a better season with a torn meniscus. I stopped what I was doing and turned around. Bare in mind that I talked to this guy a couple times before in class but nothing real engaging.

I go, "Are you a Titans fan?'

And he turns around and looks at me, says with a 'you got a problem with that' face, "Diehard, why?"

I, then, pull down down the neck of my shirt and reveal the Titans logo I have tattooed over the right side of my chest and he just smiles starts nodding his head up and down and says, "Yes, will you please tell this girl (who was his friend) that Trent Richardson is awful compared to Chris Johnson and the Colts giving up a 1st round pick for him was ridiculous."

I did as such and the rest of class this dude and I did nothing but talk about different things like the show Archer, how Jake Locker needs to stay healthy, the excitement of the new coaching staff, how if Chris Johnson didn't cost so much he would be a perfect fit for Whiz..

I realized after class that I am totally fine with rooting for a team that doesn't have a lot of bandwagon fans. For instance, if we had gotten Peyton there would have been a hell of a lot of those jerseys popping up where I live and people would start claiming they were Titans fans really only rooting for them because of him. This would have been terrible for me because I would have had to start asking people Titans questions to find out if they were true fans. If not, I would be forced to berate them as the bandwagon scum they are in the only way I know how... talking shit.

My point, no matter how bad or good our team is, how little coverage we get from the national media, don't ever wish you were a Patriots fan or a Steelers fan. You are a Titans fan. You have a vast knowledge of an unpopular team in the NFL. That is special. When that day comes and the two tone rises, think of how good it is going to feel knowing that you stuck with this team through thick and thin and earned yourself a championship. Not many of us are out there and when we meet one we should embrace them as family. In a way, they are family.

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