Titans Head Coaching Search Continues

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Much like a game of musical chairs, someone will be left standing at the end.

Seven teams let go of their head coaches by the end of 2013, but only three have filled the vacancy so far.  The Texans, Buccaneers, and Redskins have all signed their new commanders, leaving the Lions, Titans, Browns, and Vikings still hunting.

Many of the same coaches are being looked at by the remaining teams, but the Titans are rumored to have a heavy interest in the Seattle coordinators, namely the defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.  The rub here, however, is that the Seahawks' staff can't be interviewed until their season is over at this point.  The Titans missed their window to interview the teams on a bye week last weekend, and now that the team has beat the Saints, there will be at least another week to their season.

So do you wait?

The Titans have already interviewed Ken Wisenhunt, Mike Zimmer and Jim Caldwell.  The Seahawks coordinators are the last rumored to be on the docket.

If the Titans like any of the candidates that they have interviewed, it seems they now have the age old "bird in the hand" proposition in front of them.  If you wait for the chance to interview Quinn, you may be waiting while the other candidates you like find new homes.  Say it comes down to you and one other team waiting for only one guy to come free.  If the Titans and Vikings, for example, hold out for Quinn, and Quinn chooses Minnesota, you're the last team standing when the music stops.

Or are you?

From a meager outsiders view, it seems that there won't be a team left standing, but rather a viable candidate left without a team.  Wisenhunt, Zimmer, Quinn, Bevell, and even Greg Roman (there haven't been any rumors the Titans in particular are interested) are all still out there.  That's five by my count, with only four teams left.

The only way you get left holding a bag of fools gold is if the candidate you coveted and waited for (Quin), bombs the interview, and you realize you've made a mistake all along.  I can't imagine Ruston Webster hasn't had enough conversations  to know that that won't be the case.  I also can't imagine them holding out for the Seahawks without a firm belief the feelings are mutual.

There's no doubt everyone will have a partner at the end of this dance.  The only question will be if it's the one you really want.  Tommy Smith, the new commander in chief of the organization is said to be "smitten" with the Seahawks organization.  Throw in the fact that the numbers seem to be in their favor, the Titans very well may wait this one out.

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