2014 MCM Museum of Memes

Hola! Since we have a bunch of new MCMers, this is coming much earlier in the year than I normally do it, but we want everyone to feel included and understand references that veterans post that probably don't make as much sense if you have just joined us. We've had a number of moments in MCM history that have created memes just for our little community here. We're inducting a few new ones today, and further down you will see all previous memes inducted, and for most of them there is a link to the origin of that meme so you can see how it began and get historical context. I HIGHLY encourage you to read the original MCM Museum of Memes comments section (linked at the very bottom here) as it includes some "Hall of Very Good But Not Museum-Worthy" stuff, including a ton of GIFs.

"It's actually very scientific...I'm not going to get into it right now." - NEW

Credit: Doin-It_Since_87'


The self-proclaimed "Batman of MCM" gets into the Museum very quickly by providing this fantastic comment on how it's very scientific how Locker has the WRs bailing him out all the time...but we don't have time to get into that right now so let's move right along...


Credit: datboyevans

Why use just one hashtag when you can #DOUBLETAG# and have TWO hashtags? Thanks to datboy, we can now harness the power of two in our comments here. Unfortunately I am unable to find the origin at this time.

"It is known" - NEW

Credit: Ice0ne

Been used waaaaay too much to find the actual origin, but what started as a Game of Thrones reference has taken on a life of its own here.

Is that your real name, "Xanpham"? - NEW

Credit: PanthersRoar


This is actually the second use of the quotations but is where it took off. Who is this "Xanpham"? Is he really who he says he is? "Xanpham" (if that is your real name) is one of our resident contributors at MCM so even if you don't "believe" that "Xanpham" is his "real" "name", you can certainly feel free to read his stuff and interact with "Xanpham" on "MCM".

We are the 5% - NEW

Credit: danomite

Unfortunately no origin can be linked for this as the comment was made in a THUNDERDOME!!!, but its legacy lives on thanks to the rest of us. Danomite apparently only likes 5% of us here, I leave it to you to decide whether you are a part of the 5 or 95%.

StPrattrick - NEW Senior Class Inductee

The man, the myth, the legend. Pratt is our most prolific commenter here, and has become a meme in his own right with regular jokes made about how we're all actually just other accounts of his, so he's just talking to himself on MCM. He's also responsible for I think 70% of the memes in this museum, so it's only right that he be here alongside them as a meme himself.



CUT WASHINGTON!!!!11 - Class of 2013

Credit: TheDUCKin'Noles10

I don't remember exactly how it started but MCM got the idea that Washington was going to be a cut. No matter which side you fell on on the debate, hard to argue that for a brief period (and even now in the doldrums of the offseason), cutting (or defending) Washington was all the rage. Various offshoots have now emerged of "CUT _______!!!!!111"

RIDICULOUS!!!! - Class of 2013 Senior Committee inductee

Credit: StPrattrick

I can't believe it took this long to get this one in (...there's another meme for you), but like the NFL Hall of Fame and its logjam of players who take longer to get inducted, "RIDICULOUS!!!11" finally joins the ranks of the immortalized here at MCM. The exact origins of it are fuzzy to me, one of the elder statesmen here probably remembers it and can detail the origins in the comments. Origin is just too difficult to find with all the uses of it.

The S***bucket - Class of 2013

Credit: dogface (I think...)


I'm not entirely positive this is the origin but searching wasn't helping me out much. This was originally a reference to Bud, but was co-opted to describe Michael Griffin. Bonus link here to the comments of the article where the meme really took off. Michael Griffin IS the s***bucket! Special mention to SuperH's re-telling of a cinematic classic.

Dogface - Class of 2013

Now hear me out here as we induct the first commenter into the Museum of Memes. I know his time here was brief and controversial, with an ending that had to happen, but you cannot deny he became a meme in his own right during that time. We still use the "Dogface!" call around these parts, so here's your "controversial" 2013 inductee.


Britt Needs To Get His Act Together! - Inducted July 2012 (FIRST BALLOT!!!!)


Credit: carlostable (by technicality...)

You know how that movie Contagion shows how a virus can spread just like that? Well, just like herpes, MCM caught a virus of realizing that if only Kenny Britt could get his act together, Jake Locker could be sorrunded with some serious weapons. carlostable gets the credit by technicality since he is the original poster...but special mention to all of MCM for catching the fever and running with it.

nolestroll3456 - Inducted July 2012


Credit: nolesbroncostitans3456 (2013 Update: Er...make that TheDuckinNoles10, stay tuned for 2014 update)

Oh noles, you had everyone fuming with your mock draft mockery that led to much fighting and a war of words with MtD...only for all of us to be trolled when the Titans took Zach Brown in the second round. Bonus link to the petition to remove him here.


"Meat Thermometer" - Charter Class


Credit: asbestos_man

It was used for a while as a fantastic double-entendre and way of showing excitement for something/someone. Still makes occasional appearances around here.

Duslin referencing - Charter Class


Just read the linked Fanpost, it will brighten your day.

The Bert GIF - Charter Class


Credit: fanoftheunderdogs

A relative newbie but a good one. But please, people, let's save this for the opportune moment and not overdo it. We all deserve to appreciate this every time it shows up, overexposure will kill that!

Any reference to Stampede Blue banning - Charter Class


Again, just read all comments. Guarantee you will bust out laughing. Special mention to Hal's email exchange with BBS.

LWSS - Charter Class


Credit: StPrattrick

The one and only saint of MCM gave us this current meme that inspired a tshirt line.

"Velociraffe" - Charter Class


Shameless self-promotion. If you see any reference to this nickname, it is referring to our gingered 3rd string QB. Scroll up from the comment to see the picture that inspired it, it's...something.

"One Clap" - Charter Class


I don't need to say anything about this...

"Amano sucks!" or "Up Amano's ass!" or any variation thereof - Charter Class

No origin needed, just read pretty much any game thread from the past year or so.

"CAW! CAW!" or any reference to Lavelle Hawkins being awesome... - Charter Class

Credit: TitansJonne

Quite frankly I just don't want to search through the hundreds of comments that have this phrase to find the first one, but still give credit where it is due. TitansJonne jumped on the Hawkins bandwagon and was...rewarded?...with Hawkins signing a new contract this offseason despite being pretty meh overall.

"WE WIN!" picture - Charter Class

Credit: StPrattrick

Another one where it's been used too much where I just don't want to search through for it right now (typing in "WE WIN!" in the search returned over 5,000 comments...), but if you see him (or a poser) posting this picture or even just saying "WE WIN!" it is a reference to this picture.

EAPN - Charter Class


Credit: bond003

Thanks to bond003, we now have a go-to for mockery of ESPN.

Jommy - Charter Class


Credit: KGDrummer (then known as MikeGriffFan27)

A mobile typo led to this playful nickname for our fearless leader.

Vunce - Charter Class


I'm pretty sure this poster no longer comments around here and left when Vunce did...but he did leave us this gem to refer to a certain former QB.

GoldenGrams - Charter Class


Credit: StPrattrick

This museum is going to become the Pratt Museum of Memes at this one. But he did give us this nickname for our favorite gramsey. There's also the foul-mood version of GrumpyGrams.

"WHERE IS THE PLANE?!!!" - Charter Class


Credit: cj2k

ManningMania gave us this one when everyone was tracking where Bud's plane was and whether that meant we were getting Pey Pey or not. There's also the slightly more adult version of "WHERE'S THE FUCKING PLANE?!" (which reminds me of a scene in Wet Hot American Summer, but that's just me)

The Original MCM Museum of Memes post

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