Jerlindsey's Weekly Picks! (Week One)

Week One

So I'm bored, and I feel like I need something to do. I am going to try to post my weekly NFL picks, and give a reason why I chose that team to win. I'm going to warn you now: these picks are picked SOLELY on my opinion. Very little if ANY research will go in to any of these picks. Hopefully I can keep this up, and have a little bit of fun while doing it. OK. Here we go!

Baltimore vs Denver

Winner: Denver

Reason: I pick Denver to win this game because...well...Peyton Manning. He shocked the NFL last year when he returned with his new surgically repaired Cyborg neck, and I feel like he will continue that success this season. He will also be looking for some revenge after that playoff loss to them last year. Also, Baltimore sucks and I hate them.

New England vs Buffalo

Winner: New England

Reason: Do I really need a good reason? Buffalo is Buffalo, and New England is Tom Brady.

Seattle vs Carolina

Winner: Seattle

Reason: Have you seen Seattle's defense lately? I have a feeling they will slow down, and stop Cam Newton and his rag tag group of Panther friends.

Cincinnati vs Chicago

Winner: Cincinnati

Reason: I'm going to be honest here: I have no idea WHY I am picking Cinci to win this game. I'm just going with what my gut is telling me, and that is, Dalton and AJ Green are going to bring it the heat.

Miami vs Cleveland

Winner: Cleveland

Reason: Oh look! A game I have zero interest in! I think Cleveland pulls out the W here. I feel it will be a close game and Richardson will be the reason for the win.

Minnesota vs Detroit

Winner: Minnesota

Reason: The Vikings are going to hand the ball off to AP all day. AP will then run over Detroit all day. Detroit took a big step backwards last year, and I'm not 100% convinced they have done enough to get themselves back into playoff contention. These two teams are divisional rivals, and they won't be afraid to beat up on each other.

Oakland vs Indianapolis

Winner: Indianapolis

Reason: I really hate picking the Colts to win anything, but lets be honest, the Colts are starting Andrew Luck (ugh) and the Raiders decided to start Pryor. Pryor. Let that sink in for a moment.

Kansas City vs Jacksonville

Winner: Kansas City

Reason: ANDY REID IS A QUARTERBACK GURU AND ALEX SMITH WILL SHOW THE 49ERS THEY ARE DUMB!!!!111 They are also playing the Sparkle Kitties and what better way to start the season then with a warm up against a (should be) high school team.

Atlanta vs New Orleans

Winner: Atlanta

Reason: Daggum this is a good match up. I pick Atlanta because I feel they upper hand defensively. It's a great divisional game to start the season off with, and I'd probably actually watch the game if they weren't playing at the same time my beloved Titans were.

Tampa Bay vs New York (Jets)

Winner: Tampa Bay

Reason: The Jets

Tennessee vs Pittsburgh

Winner: Tennessee

Reason: I cannot EXPRESS how pumped I am for this game. Tennessee vs Pittsburgh. I pick Tennessee to win this game for obvious reasons, but also because I hate Pittsburgh with a growing passion. Typing the word Pittsburgh even pisses me off.

Green Bay vs San Francisco

Winner: Green Bay

Reason: Not gonna lie, this pick doesn't make much sense to me. I guess I just feel like Rodgers is going to go out there and put up enough points on the board to pull out the win. That 49ers defense is really good know what


Winner: Green Bay San Francisco

Arizona vs St Louis

Winner: St Louis

Reason: Um...uh...because?

New York (Giants) vs Dallas

Winner: New York (Giants)

Reason: I love watching "America's Team" lose, and I love watching them lose to a divisional rival. I think the Giants will come out swinging...hard...and Dallas won't be able to do enough to stop them.

Philadelphia vs Washington

Winner: Washington

Reason: (jeez there are a lot of good divisional games kicking off this season) RG3 returns, and I think he comes back trying to show the world that his repaired knee will be something to be feared...unless he takes a helmet to the knee on the first snap. I think Philadelphia will still need just a LITTLE bit more time to fully get this new fangled offense they are under.

Houston vs San Diego

Winner: Houston

Reason: *sigh* I really really reaaaaalllllly hate picking Houston to win, but I feel like I have to. San Diego has a mess of an offensive line, and Houston has Watt.

Whelp. There you have it. Jerlindsey's week one picks! Hopefully I can keep this up, and hopefully it is at least a LITTLE bit entertaining. If not, then that's OK, I'll make it up by posting a gif or something in the comment section on a few threads.

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