Week 4 In The AFC South

Heres a look into week 3 in what might end up being the most competitive division in the AFC this year....

Game 1: Titans vs. Jets

I won't spend much time here because there are numerous post and podcasts already covering this game on the MCM site. Its time for this organization to show the NFL world that we're no joke this year and the perfect way to do that is starting 3-1 through the first quarter of the season. There is no reason we can't win a home game against a rookie qb and a subpar secondary.

Impact Players:

Chris Johnson-Look for him to have a huge game against a defense he's always seemed to carve up during his career.

Zach Brown & Akeem Ayers-I couldn't help but pick two for defense. Geno has the ability to break the pocket and run the ball so I'm looking at our lb's to contain him and notch a sack or two.

Game 2: Seahawks at Texans

I don't know if I'm more excited to watch the Titans win or see the fexans get beat down. To me there is no way this monster defense from Seattle gives up more than 10 points to a struggling texan O. Matt Schaub has thrown a pic 6 in each game this season and honestly I wouldn't be too surprised if that streak continues sunday. The texans could easily be 0-3 right now but thanks to the chargers and our boys in blue they got 2 under their belt. It will be nice to see this old fexan team right back at .500 where they have been more times than not as a franchise. I am from Houston myself and there is no other fan base I hate more than the texans. If we can get through this week with a W and jump ahead of them nothing will make me happier.

Impact Players:

Richard Sherman-Look for his name to flash across your screen a few times, hopefully accompanied by the words "int return."

Marshawn Lynch-Somebody get this mana bag of skittles. I have a feeling he's gonna get his moneys worth from this texan front but with the defensive play from the seahawks he should end the game with a td or two.

Game 3: Colts at Jags

The good news here is that someone in the division will be taking a loss. The bad news is that team will likely be the Jags and not the colts. If there is any possibility that the jags will play a solid weekend of football we need it to be now. A jags win here could put the good guys in the drive seat of the division through the first quarter of the season. I'm expecting a blowout win from the colts here, but hey stranger things have happened right?!

Impact Players:

Andrew suck luck-Look for him to pick apart a horrible jags defense who I don't think any of us could name more than 1 player off of.

Colts defense-No this is obviously not a player but with Gabbert getting the go again I see any and every member of this defense having a big day. Hopefully I'm wrong here but we'll see.


Titans 24 - Jets 6

Fexans 10 - Hawks 27

Colts 31 - Jags 13

Divisional Standings:

Titans 3-1

Colts 3-1

Fexans 2-2

Jags 0-4

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