PFF Grades for Titans players and next week's opponent - Week 4

ProFootballFocus reviews each football game grading the play of each individual player on each play. Their grading provides some insight on how individual players played, so I find it useful when seeing where the weak and strong parts of each team are.

So, each week, I plan on showing how the Titans players grade at PFF versus the upcoming opponent.

Note that since this is only after the first three weeks, it's hard to determine too much from these grades but as the season goes on they will become more meaningful.


Titans Player

Next week's opponent

Titans PFF Grade (rank in league)

Titans PFF Grade Last Week

Opponent's PFF grade (rank in league)



Jake Locker

Geno Smith

+5.7 (5th)


+1.2 (18th)


Chris Johnson

Bilal Powell

-2.6 (47th)


-1.4 (42nd)


Colin Mooney

Tommy Bohanon

+5.7 (t-1st)


+1.6 (5th)


Delanie Walker

Kellen Winslow

-0.3 (22nd)


-0.9 (30th)


Craig Stevens

Jeff Cumberland

-1.2 (33rd)


-7.1 (56th)


Kenny Britt

Santonio Holmes

-7.6 (103rd)


+3.4 (16th)


Nate Washington

Stephen Hill

+6.1 (5th)


-0.9 (76th)


Kendall Wright

Jeremy Kerley

+2.3 (28th)


-0.2 (61st)


Michael Roos

D'Brickashaw Ferguson

+7.0 (8th)


-2.8 (51st)


Andy Levitre

Vladimir Ducasse

+0.5 (31st)


-5.1 (58th)


Rob Turner

Nick Mangold

-6.1 (34th)


-3.8 (28th)


Chance Warmack

Willie Colon

-2.0 (40th)


-3.5 (51st)


David Stewart

Austin Howard

-1.0 (39th)


+4.7 (15th)


DL (4-3 DT / 3-4 NT)

Jurrell Casey

Damon Harrison

+11.5 (2nd)


+8.9 (4th)

DL (4-3 DT / 3-4 DE)

Mike Martin

Sheldon Richardson

+1.9 (23rd)


+5.5 (7th)

DL (4-3 DE / 3-4 DE)

Ropati Pitoitua

Muhammad Wilkerson

-1.0 (31st)


-0.6 (28th)

DL (4-3 DE / 3-4 OLB)

Derrick Morgan

Calvin Pace

-1.3 (33rd)


-2.0 (33rd)

DL (4-3 DE / 3-4 OLB)

Kamerion Wimbley

Antwan Barnes

-2.5 (38th)


-0.3 (21st)

LB (4-3 OLB / 3-4 ILB)

Zach Brown

Quinton Coples

-3.8 (32nd)


-1.0 (26th)

LB (4-3 OLB / 3-4 ILB)

Akeem Ayers

David Harris

+0.2 (12th)


+7.4 (1st)

LB (4-3 MLB)

Moise Fokou

Demario Davis

-7.6 (45th)


-0.7 (25th)


Jason McCourty

Antonio Cromartie

+3.5 (8th)


-0.9 (60th)


Alterraun Verner

Kyle Wilson

+5.0 (4th)


-1.5 (62nd)


Bernard Pollard

Dawan Landry

-3.6 (70th)


-2.0 (56th)


Michael Griffin

Antonio Allen

+2.7 (10th)


-1.9 (55th)

S / CB3

George Wilson

Dee Milliner

+3.7 (8th)


-2.0 (73rd)

Titans players that grade well:

Jurrell Casey - Casey has been a beast so far this season. He is the 2nd highest graded DT/NT in the league and posted a +4.4 grade last game.

Alterraun Verner - ATV fell from 1st in PFF CB ratings to 4th this week. Another solid performance last week...if Webster doesn't lock up ATV long term sometime this year, then it will be the biggest mistake of his tenure.

Jason McCourty - JMac is the 8th rated CB in the league per PFF. He has just had one solid game after another and it is hard to find any faults in his game.

Michael Griffin - Who is this man and what did he do with the Griffin from last year? Griffin is currently the 10th highest rated safety per PFF. He has been solid in coverage and decent in coming up in the run game. Let's hope he continues this good play...

George Wilson - Wilson is the 8th rated safety per PFF. If you could combine Wilson's coverage ability with Pollard's run stuffing, then you would have the best strong safety in the league. Wilson has really helped limit those big pass plays down the middle of the field this year that we were all use to seeing these last few years.

Jake Locker - Locker had an amazing game last week and is now the 5th rated QB in the league per PFF. He has yet to throw an interception and has had multiple 90+ yard TD drives these past few weeks. If his "#1 receiver" could catch the ball then he would probably be rated even higher.

Nate Washington - Nate is the 5th highest rated receiver in the league per PFF. Aren't you glad that Ruston didn't trade him this offseason?

Michael Roos - Sometimes a guy is just so good that you just get bored with how good he is. Roos put in another stellar performance and is currently the 8th highest graded tackle in the league.

Titans players that graded poor:

Kenny Britt - Kenny, Kenny, are the worst WR in the league per PFF. The fans and the organization is getting tired of waiting for you.

Rob Turner - Turner is not the worst center in the league anymore!!! Yeah!!! He's just the second worst...

David Stewart - Stewart had his best game last week and looks to finally be recovering from his recent injury history. If he can regain his old form, then that will only help Jake continue to progress into being the franchise QB.

Bernard Pollard - Pollard's low grade is almost entirely due to his coverage. Titans knew that was a weakness and that's why they use Wilson on obvious passing downs, but you can't argue with the leadership and toughness that Pollard has brought to this defense.

Moise Fokou - Fokou had a really bad game again last week. If he continues his poor play, I would actually like to see McCarthy get more snaps.

Jets players that grade well:

Damon Harrison - Harrison is the 4th highest rated DT/NT in the league per PFF. His run stuffing has been superb and he will make it really difficult for the Titans to run up the middle (especially considering he'll be over Turner most of the time).

David Harris - Harris is the highest rated ILB in the league per PFF and rightfully so. He is just solid all around, especially in the run game. Another reason the Titans should not try any inside zone run plays this game.

Sheldon Richardson - Richardson is the 7th highest rated 3-4 DE per PFF. He has a knack for getting into the backfield quickly and he'll be a tough match up for Warmack / Levitre.

Jets players that grade poor:

D'Brickashaw Ferguson / Vladimir Ducasse - The left side of the Jets offensive line has played poorly so far this season. This is definitely one weakness that the Titans defense should exploit.

Kyle Wilson / Antonio Cromartie / Dee Milliner / Dawan Landry / Antonio Allen - The Jets CBs and safeties have all not played well and that is surprising considering 2 of the 3 games they have played against Josh Freeman and EJ Manuel at QB and the other game was against the Patriots, who are in desperate need of help at the receiver position.


The Jets defense is weak on the backend but very stout up the middle. If I was Loggains, I would operate out of the shotgun primarily with 2 backs to help any rush up the middle and focus the run game on off tackle runs. The Titans should go 3 wide as their base offense this game and attack the weak Jets secondary and not keep banging our heads trying to run up the middle against some of the best interior defensive players in the league.

The Jets offense is not overly talented. Geno Smith is mobile so the Titans should have a similar gameplan that they used against the Steelers to contain Smith on the outside and blitz the interior of their offensive line. Holmes and Hill do have some talent at WR but I expect ATV and JMac to stay with them and allow Wilson/Pollard to cover Winslow over the middle.

I see another victory for the Titans, assuming Loggains adjusts the offense to attack the Jets weaknesses in the secondary while providing help on the inside rush and the Titans defense doesn't allow Smith to break containment. If those things happen, then the Titans should win comfortably at home (oh, and assuming Britt can catch a ball this week).

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