Jerlindsey's Weekly Picks! (Week Three)

Week Three

I wasn't too bad last week! I went 13 - 3 in my picks. That brings me to 22 - 10 for the season so far. Not too shabby. I was pretty surprised Seattle beat the Niners and that the Chargers pulled out the win against Philly. The loss that really hurts is the Titans loss (of course), but I'm not going to get into that. The game between Philadelphia and Kansas City has already started, but I had some family stuff happen so I had to wait to post my picks. we go!

Kansas City vs Philadelphia

Winner: Kansas City

Reason: I'm not a big Andy Reid fan, but I don't hate the guy either. Now Philadelphia I hate. I mean...they booed Santa Claus! I'm hoping Andy Reid shows up to his old stomping grounds and shows Chip Kelly who the real big man of Philadelphia is! (Pun intended).

Houston vs Baltimore

Winner: Houston

Reason: I have absolutely no desire to see either of these two teams win. I'm picking Houston because the Ratbirds are playing pretty terrible.

New York (Giants) vs Carolina

Winner: Carolina

Reason: Yuck. Both teams are 0-2. The Giants are not playing well (at all), and Carolina has shown flashes. Carolina's defense has improved some as well and should fair pretty well against Eli and crew.

Green Bay vs Cincinnati

Winner: Green Bay

Reason: Aaron "I throw TDs all day everyday" Rodgers

St Louis vs Dallas

Winner: St Louis

Reason: wife is from St. Louis and I don't like Dallas?

Cleveland vs Minnesota

Winner: Browns

Reason: Trent Richardson is going to....oh...wait....

Winner: Minnesota

Tampa Bay vs New England

Winner: New England

Reason: Neither team is playing all that well. I think Tom Brady will somehow get the win here though. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see Tampa Bay get the upset.

Arizona vs New Orleans

Winner: New Orleans

Reason: Same reason as last week....Drew Brees.

San Diego vs Tennessee

Winner: Tennessee

Reason: HOME OPENER BABY!!!!! We haven't beat the Chargers in what? nine years? I think it is time we beat their asses. I feel this is the year we do it as well. The Titans defense has improved. Philip Rivers is going to get very acquainted with that sick Titans pass rush. The Chargers have the (currently) worst ranked passing defense in the league, and Locker showed last week that he can take the team down the field through the air. I think the coaching staff unleashes the Locker this week.

Detroit vs Washington

Winner: Detroit

Reason: Washington hasn't looked very impressive lately. I think Detroit will put up a fight and come out with the win.

Atlanta vs Miami

Winner: Atlanta

Reason: Miami has actually impressed me so far this year. Their offense looks better than what I was willing to give them credit for before the season started. I still think Atlanta has the better defense though. This will be a good test for Miami (and I'm still really glad they beat the Colts last week).

Buffalo vs New York (Jets)

Winner: Buffalo

Reason: Buffalo hung in against New England in week one, and they beat Carolina last week. I think Buffalo will win this divisional game.

Jacksonville vs Seattle

Winner: Jackson- (HAHA JUST KIDDING!) Seattle

Reason: Do I really need one? Jacksonville is just plain awful. Seattle will put a definite hurting on them. The Sparkle Kitties are also going to face Seattle at home (where I hear it can get pretty loud).

Indianapolis vs San Franciso

Winner: San Francisco

Reason: Both teams lost last week, but something tells me San Fran's stung the most. They lost to a divisional rival (even after a fan's whistle helped them punt a block) who is out to prove they are better than the team who went to the Super Bowl last year. Indianapolis went and traded for Trent Richardson. 1. I don't see him making a significant impact this week. 2. Too bad he doesn't play on the Oline where they REALLY need the help. Harbaugh is going to put the hurtin' on his old QB protege that he had in Andrew (S)uck. I for one cannot wait to see the Colts lose (and I hope I'm not eating crow for those words after Sunday).

Chicago vs Pittsburgh

Winner: Chicago

Reason: The Steelers suck. I'm not even just saying that because I don't like them...they like REALLY suck.

Oakland vs Denver

Winner: Denver

Reason: Good LORD Peyton Manning is playing like a beast right now! I'm glad we aren't having to play that guy twice this year like we did in the past. Dude is just putting on clinics each week.

There ya go! Another week, another post with my picks. Not sure I will do as well as I did last week in my predictions, but...fingers crossed! See ya next week.

Disclaimer: Friendly reminder that I put little to no research into these picks. These predictions come straight from the gut.

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