PFF Grades for Titans players and next week's opponent - Week 3

ProFootballFocus reviews each football game grading the play of each individual player on each play. Their grading provides some insight on how individual players played, so I find it useful when seeing where the weak and strong parts of each team are.

So, each week, I plan on showing how the Titans players grade at PFF versus the upcoming opponent.

Note that since this is only after the first two weeks, it's hard to determine too much from these grades but as the season goes on they will become more meaningful.


Titans Player

Next week's opponent

Titans PFF Grade (rank in league)

Titans PFF Grade Last Week

Opponent's PFF grade (rank in league)



Jake Locker

Philip Rivers

+1.3 (16th)


+7.7 (1st)


Chris Johnson

Ryan Matthews

-3.4 (56th)


-0.2 (31st)


Jackie Battle

Ronnie Brown / Danny Woodhead

-1.1 (38th)


+1.5 (14th) / +1.2 (16th)


Colin Mooney

+6.2 (1st)



Delanie Walker

Antonio Gates

-1.1 (31st)


+1.0 (11th)


Craig Stevens

-0.4 (27th)


+0.7 (11th)


Kenny Britt

Malcolm Floyd

-3.3 (98th)


+3.6 (10th)


Nate Washington

Vincent Brown

+1.8 (23rd)


-0.7 (66th)


Kendall Wright

Eddie Royal

+0.4 (51st)


+2.5 (16th)


Michael Roos

King Dunlap

+4.4 (9th)


+0.1 (34th)


Andy Levitre

Chad Rinehart

-1.1 (40th)


+1.3 (24th)


Rob Turner

Nick Hardwick

-5.3 (34th)


+1.0 (11th)


Chance Warmack

Jeromey Clarey

-0.1 (35th)


-4.7 (58th)


David Stewart

DJ Fluker

-3.1 (58th)


-1.4 (41st)


DL (4-3 DT / 3-4 NT)

Jurrell Casey

Cam Thomas

+7.1 (5th)


-2.0 (64th)

DL (4-3 DT / 3-4 DE)

Karl Klug / Mike Martin

Kendall Reyes

-0.5 (49th) / +0.8 (34th)

0.0 / +0.3

-3.7 (39th)

DL (4-3 DE / 3-4 DE)

Ropati Pitoitua

Corey Liuget

+0.6 (26th)


-4.3 (41st)

DL (4-3 DE / 3-4 OLB)

Derrick Morgan

Dwight Freeney

-2.4 (39th)


+8.1 (1st)

DL (4-3 DE / 3-4 OLB)

Kamerion Wimbley

Jarrett Johnson

-2.0 (38th)


+4.5 (5th)

LB (4-3 OLB / 3-4 ILB)

Zach Brown

Larry English

-0.3 (19th)


+0.6 (16th)

LB (4-3 OLB / 3-4 ILB)

Akeem Ayers

Donald Butler

-0.4 (21st)


-2.1 (33rd)

LB (4-3 MLB)

Moise Fokou

Bront Bird

-5.2 (45th)


-1.7 (31st)


Jason McCourty

Derek Cox

+2.5 (12th)


-2.3 (77th)


Alterraun Verner

Shareece Wright

+4.5 (1st)


-4.3 (89th)


Bernard Pollard

Marcus Gilchrist

-2.1 (62nd)


+0.4 (34th)


Michael Griffin

Eric Weddle

+1.9 (13th)


-0.3 (40th)


George Wilson

+2.9 (9th)


Titans players that grade well:

Jurrell Casey - Casey has been a beast so far this season. He is the 5th highest graded DT/NT in the league and the only DL that posted a positive grade against Houston.

Alterraun Verner - You can tell the character of a man when he is faced with a challenge. The coaching staff challenged him with Tommie Campbell in the preseason and all ATV has done is garner the highest grade from PFF for CBs. He had the highest grade of all defenders in last week's Houston game.

Michael Griffin - Yes, that Michael Griffin...he is the 13th highest graded safety so far this year. Amazing considering how poor he has been these last two years. His role is back to being a centerfielder where he excels so I hope his good play continues.

George Wilson - As much as most of us like Bernard Pollard, George Wilson is the better coverage safety. He is the 9th highest graded safety in the league and should see the field more, in my opinion.

Nate Washington - The only WR to have any kind of impact this year, Nate has gone from "hands" to "AllState" and has shown he was worth the money the Titans dished out for him.

Michael Roos - Sometimes a guy is just so good that you just get bored with how good he is. Roos put in another stellar performance and is currently the 9th highest graded tackle in the league.

Colin Mooney - Saving the best for last, Mooney is the highest graded FB per PFF. You've gotta love him and as he gets more comfortable in the offense (and plays lesser defenses) he should only get better.

Titans players that graded poor:

Kenny Britt - Kenny, Kenny, are the 98th WR in the league per PFF. What team in their right mind would trade for YOU? You have bought into your own hype and are not living up to it. Enough said.

Rob Turner - Turner is the 34th highest graded center in the league. Yes, there are 2 backup centers graded higher than Turner currently. Granted, he has faced some talented defensive fronts, but his play has been extremely subpar. If he can't turn it around in the next game or two, then the Titans have to turn to Schwenke.

David Stewart - Another subpar performance from Stewart. He admitted himself that old age is catching up to him and it is taking him a while to recover from his injuries. Let's hope he gets healthier and improves.

Chris Johnson - PFF grades CJ as the 56th best RB in the league. His play does seem better than last year but it also seems like he has left a few yards on the field when a better read on a cutback was there. I expect him to bounce back as we face lesser defenses.

Moise Fokou - Fokou had a really bad game against Houston last week. Texans are a tough matchup for any MLB as you have to worry about the cutback lanes on runs as well as the play action with the TEs. So, I'll give Fokou a pass for last week's performance but he needs to step up to keep his job if McCarthy stays healthy.

Chargers players that grade well:

Philip Rivers - Rivers is the highest graded QB in the league. His play the past 2 weeks has been night and day compared to the last 2 years.

Malcolm Floyd - Floyd has taken over Vincent Jackson's old role of the deep threat for the Chargers. He has made several plays these first 2 weeks.

Eddie Royal - Royal had a monstrous game last week and has the shiftiness you want in a slot receiver.

Dwight Freeney - Freeney is the highest graded 3-4 OLB. He is resurrecting his career in San Diego after an injury-plagued poor season last year with the Colts. He still has the speed and moves to be a threat on the outside.

Jarrett Johnson - Johnson should get more fanfare as he is just solid all-around. He is the 5th highest graded 3-4 OLB and can play the run, rush, and cover just about as well as any other OLB.

Chargers players that grade poor:

Jeromey Clarey - The Chargers right guard has had very poor performances these first 2 weeks. Casey, are you ready?

Kendall Reyes / Corey Liuget - Both high draft picks and both not living up to their draft standing.

Cam Thomas - The Chargers nose tackle is definitely weak up the middle. If Turner has a bad game against him, then we'll really know where he stands as a center in this league.

Derek Cox / Shareece Wright - The Chargers corners are not very good, point blank. This is why the Chargers have been in two shootouts. If Britt can't put up a monstrous game against them, then it is time for Hunter/Williams/Preston to get more time.


The Chargers defense is weak up the middle and weak at CB while strong on the outside with Freeney / Johnson rushing and setting the edge. This bodes well for the Titans as I think our strengths on offense is the guard play, Roos, and the potential of our young WRs.

The Chargers offense is weak on the right side, especially their right guard. Casey should have a field day against Clarey and it will be critical to get pressure on Rivers as the Titans CBs will have their hands full dealing with the Chargers WRs, not to mention Antonio Gates.

Last week, I said it was a strength-against-strength match up against Houston and it was a close game with Houston just making more plays than the Titans did. This week, this is a strength-against-weakness matchup, especially in the interior of the offensive / defensive lines. I predict the Titans to win big especially if Locker/Loggains/WRs can exploit the poor CB play from the Chargers.

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