Jerlindsey's Weekly Picks! (Week Two)

Week Two

Well week one has come and gone, and now it is onto week two! Last week I went 9 - 7. Not great, but not too bad. Had a few surprise wins last week. Jets over Tampa Bay, Philadelphia over Washington, and Dallas over the New York Giants were the ones that surprised me the most. Hopefully this week I will do a little bit better. Alright, enough jib jab, onto my picks!

New York (Jets) vs New England

Winner: New England

Reason: New England ALMOST lost to the Bills last week. (Something I was hoping would really happen). This week I think New England comes out a little bit stronger. I'm not too sold on Geno Smith, and something tells me the Patriots are ready to come out swinging. Especially with being at home against a division rival.

St. Louis vs Atlanta

Winner: Atlanta

Reason: Atlanta lost last week, and one of their weapons at receiver is still hindered by injury, but I think Atlanta will come out the better team this week.

Cleveland vs Baltimore

Winner: Baltimore

Reason: I hate picking Baltimore to win anything, but they are playing Cleveland.

Carolina vs Buffalo

Winner: Buffalo

Reason: I'm picking Buffalo because they came out strong against the Patriots. I know it is a new year, and no team is the same, but I think Buffalo will pull out the W this week.

Minnesota vs Chicago

Winner: Chicago

Reason: Two divisional rivals, Chicago is at home, they will beat up on each other, Chicago will come out the one less beat up.

Washington vs Green Bay

Winner: Green Bay

Reason: Green Bay was straight embarrassed last week. Something tells me Rodgers won't let that happen again. Especially not at home.

Tennessee vs Houston

Winner: Tennessee


Miami vs Indianapolis

Winner: Miami

Reason: Miami looked strong last week, and Indianapolis did not. I'm giving the nod to Miami this week.

Dallas vs Kansas City

Winner: Kansas City

Reason: Ugh. Dallas won last week. Great. Now they are "primed to win it all" and "is a strong contender for the NFC East division." I'm REALLY hoping Kansas City brings them down a peg.

San Diego vs Philadelphia

Winner: Philadelphia

Reason: Holy crap! Did you see that Philly offense last week?! San Diego almost beat up the Texans, but that Philadelphia offense just looks too good to let them lose.

Detroit vs Arizona

Winner: Arizona

Reason: Not really a good reason. Just want to pick Arizona...for some reason.

New Orleans vs Tampa Bay

Winner: New Orleans

Reason: Drew Brees.

Denver vs New York (Giants)

Winner: Denver

Reason: Peyton will come out the gate and beat up on his little brother's team.

Jacksonville vs Oakland

Winner: Oakland

Reason: Oakland almost won last week, and Jacksonville sucks.

San Francisco vs Seattle

Winner: San Francisco

Reason: That defense. Am I right?! I have Wilson starting as my QB this week in Fantasy. So hopefully they can surprise me and put up a gazillion points against this tough defense.

Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati

Winner: Cincinnati

Reason: Tennessee beat the crap out of Pittsburgh last week. The Bengals will feast on our left overs.

This ends my weekly picks for the week! Hopefully I did a little better this week, but, you never know!

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