JJ's Film Breakdown - 1st Titans Preseason Game 2012 Style

Can you feel it Titans faithful? Can you smell it in the air? It's Titans football, baby, and today ... it is back.

In honor of today's historic event I have decided to do a quick breakdown of a play from last year's first preseason game. To think of how far this team has come in one year is borderline disturbing. This offseason has been the most exciting in years and I expect this preseason ( and regular season ) to be no different.

Tennessee Titans vs Seattle Seahawks 2012 - 9:41 to go in the 3rd Quarter - TEN 3 & SEA 17


The Titans are lined up in the offset I-formation. Rusty Smith, please try to hold your applause until the end, is under center. Quinn Johnson is your fullback and he is offset to Rusty's left. The TE is also to Rusty's left and on the line of scrimmage. It's 1st & 10 and the Titans look to be running the ball to the left of the center. Notice that Seattle's Defense has a Safety and a Sam (Strong-Side) LineBacker on the line of scrimmage. The Sam LB is their version of Akeem Ayers.

The SE or X receiver is at the bottom of your screen, to the center's right, isolated and on the line of scrimmage. This is normally Kenny Britt's position, but one year ago today it belonged to Marc Mariani.


The ball is snapped and Rusty has his back to the O-line. Their version of Akeem Ayers isn't rushing the QB, he's still waiting for the play to develop. Standing up your Sam Linebacker at the line doesn't always equal QB pressure.


The O-line is holding up well, Quinn Johnson is on the move and Rusty has his hand out with his back completely turned at this point. Seattle's 3 Linebackers are maintaining their Gap responsibilities, convinced that this is another Titans run play on 1&10...




Rusty lets it rip... (Now I've already warned you once. Hold the applause until the end please.)


Ok, Smith really does have a strong arm, but it looks as though he may have thrown this ball into double coverage.


Oh yeah, he threw it into double coverage, but Mariani is adjusting to the ball...


It's gonna be close, but it looks like he may actually have it...



or maybe not...



That was a Rusty Smith to Marc Mariani completion ladies and gentlemen. You may applaud to your heart's content.

Hope you enjoyed my film breakdown. Only a few more hours until this year's 1st preseason game. Are you stoked? Tell me about it in the comments so I don't go insane from the anticipation. Here is yet another fancy poll for you to vote in. LWSS

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