5 Questions with Hogs Haven on Redskins vs Titans Matchups to Watch

Rob Carr

The Titans take the field tomorrow night for their first preseason game against the Redskins. Kevin Ewoldt of Hogs Haven was nice enough to answer a few questions for us about the Redskins.

1. How is RG3 progressing in his rehab?

So far so good. At his presser on Monday morning, he was antsy for coaches to give him more work. He's only been doing everything up to the 7-7 drills and is ready for 11-11 action. As a safety precaution, he will not be playing any pre-season games. He said he has experienced zero swelling or soreness, so as of right now, he's a go for week one.

2. Do you expect a similar year from Alfred Morris, or will Shanahan find another guy and screw fantasy owners like he usually does, ha?

I expect a similar year but not more. Last year, the Redskins had no other quality RBs behind Morris. This year, Roy Helu is back from his injuries and wants the 3rd down job. They drafted FSU RB, Chris Thompson, who is a speedster and could be very intriguing. He's a small back but has history of major injuries, so it appears Alfred is a safe bet for fantasy owners. Morris is just too good to bench.

3. Who of your 2013 draft class has had the best camp and who is a player to keep an eye out during the game as a potential breakout player?

It's hard to say since they're practicing in shorts, but Bacarri Rambo, the safety from Georgia, is looking good. Georgia runs the same D as the Redskins (former Skins LB coach is at UGA) so Rambo came into camp knowing all the terms and responsibilities for every defender on the field. He's starting at FS on Thursday.

4. Is Pierre Gracon healthy this summer? Do you expect him to have a big year?

Garcon is having a great camp so far. He is 100% and is expected to have a big year. The Redskins are 9-1 when he is in the lineup, 1-5 when not. His speed stretches the field and leaves TEs and WRs a lot of room in the middle.

5. There has been a lot in the news about the name of the team. What do you think ultimately happens there?

Nothing will change. The name change has been a subject for 30 years. Most people in D.C. are OK with it if it happens, but very few people are beating the drum for the change. The fact Goodell came out defending the Redskins name says a lot. The only way Snyder changes the name is if the Native Americans when their lawsuit to get the Redskins trademarked removed, which would mean any person could legally sell Redskins' apparel. That's not likely either.

Thanks to Kevin for answering the questions. You can check out his questions with my answers here.

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