Final roster cuts & Players the Titans should claim, or sign to the Practice Squad

The final roster cuts have started, as teams get down to the 53 man roster limit, will continue until 5:00PM CT Saturday (31st). Waiver claims can be filed from now until the teams can start signing players to their Practice Squads at noon on Sunday (1st), 11:00AM CT.

I will be updating this post through Sunday, and maybe Monday as well, so keep checking back.

Players the Titans should Claim Off Waivers (for their 53 man roster), or at least to their Practice Squad:

S/CB Brandon Hardin (6'2 5/8", 219, 31 3/4" arms, 9 1/4" hands) - He had a great 2012 Pro Day, running a 4.36-40, a 6.60-3 cone drill, a 4.03-20 yard shuttle, with 24 bench reps, a 35.5" vertical, and a 10'4" broad jump. He played CB at Oregon St., posting 63 tackles as a junior (a pretty high number for a CB), but missed his senior year with a shoulder injury. However, he had recovered well enough to be a standout at his all-star game, to win an invitation to the Senior Bowl, where he also stood out. These 2 performances propelled him into being the Bears 3rd round pick (#77), as a S, but he injured his neck in training camp (a short term injury), and the Bears didn't want to wait the first few weeks of the regular season for him to get healthy, so they placed him on season ending IR. He was back to full health by mid season, but couldn't play until the OTA's, and had 10 tackles (7 solo) in preseason this summer, at S. The Titans need more speed on the back end, and Hardin has it in spades, while also being a good special teams player. Claim him now (he's only making the 2nd year minimum), and if they think he needs more development they can drop him to the Practice Squad after the 1st regular season game, and then re-sign Lynch or Afalava, without being on the hook for their whole years salary.

UPDATE: S Brandon Hardin has cleared waivers and been placed on IR by the Bears.

Recommended Practice Squad Signings:

L&ROT/OG/C Nick Mondek (6'5 3/4", 304, 33 3/8" arms, 9 1/4' hands) - He had a fantastic 2012 Pro Day, running a 4.84-40, 1.59-10, 7.30-3 cone drill, 4.55-20 yard shuttle, with 30 bench reps, a 28.5" vertical, and a 9'2" broad jump. He was the Texans 6th round pick (#195) in 2012, but spent his rookie season on their Practice Squad. He's a little raw, and needs development, but he has great upside. Here's why the Titans need him, their only backup O-Lineman not on the 53 man roster with Practice Squad eligibility is 2nd year OT Daniel Baldrigde, and they must have 10 healthy O-Linemen (9 on the 53 man roster) for practice. Mondek is the most athletic O-Lineman they can find for the Practice Squad

WR/RB Sam McGuffie (5'10 1/4", 201, 28 7/8" arms, 9 3/8" hands) - He's a real burner, who had a fantastic 2013 Pro Day, running a 4.32-40, 1.45-10, a 6.57-3 cone drill, a 3.93-20 yard shuttle, with 26 bench reps, a 40.5" vertical, and an 11'2" broad jump. He had some injuries while at Rice, holding him to only around 1,000 career rushing yards, but he had 54 catches, for 604 yards, an 11.2 yard average with 5 TD's as a senior. He was an UDFA signing by the Raiders, who didn't stand out in training camp (poor QB play probably played some part in that), but has great upside. He might be a star if he goes to the CFL, but being on an NFL Practice Squad pays more than the CFL. Here's why the Titans need him on their Practice Squad, both WR's Kenny Britt and Damian Washington will be URFA's next year, while being able to play both WR and RB is a bonus on the Practice Squad, and his world class long, short, and change of direction speed can't be taught (he might even make a good returner).

WR Sam McGuffie has been signed to the Cardinals Practice Squad.

WR Charles Johnson (6'2", 215) - He played well at Grand Valley St., but it was his 2013 Pro Day that really got him noticed, running a 4.35-40, 1.53-10, 6.96-3 cone drill, and a 4.31-20 yard shuttle, with 14 bench reps, a 39.5" vertical, and an 11'1" broad jump. He was the Packers 7th round pick (#216) this year, but had minor injuries throughout camp, leading to him being cut. He's a little bit of a project, and needs to at least start the season on the Practice Squad. With his good size, great speed, and great jumping ability, he could become a great red zone threat. he could become a great replacement for Kenny Britt, if he signs with the Titans.

UPDATE: WR Charles Johnson has been signed to the Packers Practice Squad.

TE/H-Back/FB/WR/DE/LB/S/ST Jameson Konz (6'3 1/4", 234) - He was the Seahawks "Swiss Army Knife", able to play almost everywhere, perfect for a player on the Practice Squad, or as the 53 man on a roster. He had a great 2010 Pro Day, running a 4.38-40, a 6.93-3 cone drill, 4.25-20 yard shuttle, with a 46" vertical, and a 10'8" broad jump. His great athleticism may have worked against him, because all the position coaches want him, so he was constantly being moved around in college and the pros, not giving him the needed time to develop at one position. He played one college season each at S, LB, and TE while at Kent St., the Seahawks drafted him in the 7th round (#245) as a FB, but he was moved to WR in training camp. He got his weight down into the 220's during the off season to play WR, only to be told when he showed up at OTA's that they were moving him to DE, then he was injured in training camp, sending him back on IR. He was injured in the first half of his first rookie regular season game, going on IR. He might not be Practice Squad eligible, because this is his 4th year (like Rusty Smith), but with his first 2 seasons on IR, and not playing last season, maybe he does qualify. The poor kid has great physical talent, and has never really had a chance to show it, I feel very sorry for him. If his health checks out, with his versatility, he could be a great fit on the Titans Practice Squad, and perhaps the 53 man roster someday.

UPDATE: Jameson Konz has been signed to the Seahawks Practice Squad.

DT Marvin Austin (6'1 5/8", 309, now 312, 32 5/8" arms) - He was suspended by the NCAA for his senior year at UNC, but was still drafted in the 2nd round (#52), by the Giants in 2011. He had great Combine, running an "official" 4.90-40, "unofficially" a 4.80-40, a 1.64-10, a 7.33-3 cone drill, and a 4.40-20 yard shuttle, with 38 bench reps, a 30.5" vertical, and a 9'4" broad jump. He spent his whole rookie year on IR, and then only playing 8 games in 2012, with only 8 tackles. He will want a roster spot, but may have to settle for a Practice Squad job.

DT Jay Howard (6'3", 301, 33" arms, 9 7/8" hands) - He had a good 2012 Combine, running an "official" 4.82-40, "unofficially" a 4.75-40, a 1.72-10, with 24 bench reps, 27.5" vertical, and an 8'10" broad jump. He wasn't very productive at Florida, until his senior year, when he posted 65 tackles, 10 TFL's, and 5.5 sacks. He was the Seahawks 4th round pick (#114) in 2012, but he only played in 2 games as a rookie. He has great speed for a DT, but he needs development time on a Practice Squad.

UPDATE: DT Jaye Howard has been claimed off waivers by the Chiefs.

OLB/DE Dontay Moch (6'1 3/8", 248, now 255, 33" arms) - He had a great 2011 Combine, running an "official" 4.44-40, 1.57-10, a 7.09-3 cone drill, and a 4.38-20 yard shuttle, with a 42" vertical, and a 10'8" broad jump. He was the Bengals 3rd round pick (#66) in the 2011 draft. He was on IR his whole rookie season, with a broken foot, then suspended for the first 4 games of 2012 for PED use, and playing in only 5 snaps the rest of the season. So, all you have to go on is his college stats at Nevada, where he played DE, 30 career sacks (11.5 was his best season total, as a soph.), and as a senior he had 64 tackles, 22 TFL's, and 8.5 sacks. I wasn't that impressed with Moch in college (I was a huge supporter of Colin Kaepernick, so I watched almost all their games), because his reactions seemed slow, with a questionable football IQ.

OLB/DE Dontay Moch has been signed to the Cardinals Practice Squad.

OLB/DE Sammy Brown (6'1 7/8", 242, 33 7/8" arms, 9 1/2" hands) - He had a good 2012 Pro Day, running a 4.63-40 on a bad hamstring, a 7.13-3 cone drill, a 4.47-20 yard shuttle, with 20 bench reps, a 37" vertical, and a 10'3" broad jump. He was an UDFA signing by the Rams last season, spending all but 1 game on their Practice Squad, and they tried to move him to DE in training camp, so I doubt he has any desire to sign back onto the Rams Practice Squad. Brown's biggest selling point is his college production, in only 2 years at Houston, he recorded 76 tackles, 20 TFL's, and 7.5 sacks in 2011, with 95 tackles, 30 TFL's, and 13.5 sacks as a senior in 2012. One camp watching expert last summer, wrote that Brown was even better in pass coverage than as a pass rusher. The Titans really don't have another pass rushing SLB to backup Ayers, unless they move Wimbley from DE to SLB.

UPDATE: LB Sammy Brown has been signed to the Rams Practice Squad.

FS/CB Neiko Thorpe (6'1 1/4", 198, 31 3/4" arms, 10 1/4" hands) - He had a very good 2012 Pro Day, running a 4.39-40, a 1.55-10, a 7.13-3 cone drill, a 4.01-20 yard shuttle, with only 4 bench reps, a 38" vertical, and an 11'5" broad jump. He was an UDFA signing by the Chiefs last season, playing mostly special teams. He played at Auburn, so he might like to be closer to home, and the Titans can use his speed on the back end.

Here are some more players cut, that the Titans might consider signing to their Practice Squad:

FS Cody Davis (6'1 7/8", 203, 32" arms, 9 1/2" hands) - He had a very good 2013 Pro Day, running a 4.41-40, a 1.54-10, a 6.78-3 cone drill, a 4.00-20 yard shuttle, with 15 bench reps, a 41.5" vertical, and a 10'3" broad jump. Davis had 261 career tackles at Texas Tech, and was a priority UDFA signing by the Rams.

UPDATE: FS Cody Davis has been signed to the Rams Practice Squad.

QB Matt Scott (6'2 5/8", 213, 30 1/4" arms, 9" hands) - He's an athlete more than a QB, who at the Combine ran a 4.69-40, a 1.59-10, a 6.69-3 cone drill, a 3.99-20 yard shuttle, a 31" vertical, and a 9'10" broad jump. His best completion percentage (71.0%, but only on 93 attempts) came as a junior at Arizona, but as a senior it dropped to 60.3%, on 499 attempts, and he rushed for 503 yards (at 4.5 YPC), and he was signed by the Jaguars as a 2013 UDFA.He's a running QB, but from what I saw, his mechanics are a total mess.

UPDATE: QB Matt Scott has been signed to the Jaguars Practice Squad.

Players cut, without Practice Squad eligibility, that might be good 53 man roster additions for other teams.

TE Clay Harbor (6'2 7/8", 252, now 255, 32 5/8" arms, 9 1/2" hands) - In his 2010 workouts, he ran an "official" Combine 4.69-40, a Pro Day 4.59-40, and a 4.37-20 yard shuttle, with 30 bench reps, a 40" vertical, and a 10'0" broad jump. In his career he has 47 catches, for 421 yards, an 8.96 yard average, with 4 TD's, and 4 preseason catches, for 64 yards, a 16.0 yard average this summer. The Eagles even tried him at WR this summer, before cutting him, but he lacked WR speed.

UPDATE: TE Clay Harbor has been claimed off waivers by the Jaguars.

TE D. J. Williams (6'2 1/8", 246, 31 1/2" arms) - He was the Packers 4th round pick (#141) in 2011, after a good career at Arkansas. At the 2011 Combine, he ran an "official" 4.67-40, an "unofficial" 4.63-40, a 1.62-10, a 7.29-3 cone drill, and a 4.51-20 yard shuttle, with 20 bench reps, a 33.5" vertical, and a 9'3" broad jump. In his 2 seasons, he's only caught 9 passes, for 70 yards, at 7.78 yards per catch, and in this preseason, 6 catches, for 36 yards, at 6.0 yards per catch. The only reason he might be claimed is because several teams have little to no depth at TE.

UPDATE: TE D. J. Williams has been claimed off waivers by the Jaguars.

Updates will be posted as other players become available, so keep checking back.

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