Grading every player in the Titans scrimmage pt. 1

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Here is what I saw from my seat at LP field.

Here are my grades for the Titans performers in alphabetical. Anyone not on this list either didn't practice, or I didn't notice them during the game.

#3 K Maikon Bonani- B+: Bonani made every kick I saw, and fans in the crowd were pulling for him. His leg strength could make him a prime practice squad candidate.

#4 QB Ryan Fitzpatrick- C: Fitzpatrick was inconsistent, but he did put the ball in some tight windows. Most memorably, Fitzpatrick found a way to get Mariani the ball in a crowd which went for a long 50+ yard run after the catch.

#5 WR Dontel Watkins- B-: This is based on one play, but on special teams he ran down a kick returner streaking down the field.

#6 P Brett Kern- B+: Kern had good leg strength and got solid distance and hangtime on most (if not all) of his punts

#10 QB Jake Locker- B: Locker was had a strong day, but he did start out slow. A 16-26 three touchdown day is a dream during the regular season, but in scrimmages I would have liked to see closer to 75%.

#11 QB Rusty Smith- C: Rusty is average. Solid short passing game, but he still seems like a far cry away from seeing any playing time.

#13 WR Kendall Wright- A: Wright was exceptional catching the ball (as always) including capping his day with a touchdown.

#14 WR Michael Preston- B: Preston is never going to do anything dynamic after the catch, but he will catch it. A long frame and solid hands make me think he has a strong chance to wind up on the 53-man roster.

#15 WR Justin Hunter- D: Hunter had a nice catch and run, but man those drops were HARD to watch. Poor hand strength and a lack of effort make me think he is either hurt or he needs a chance to boost his confidence. Today was a bad showing, but it is not indicative of how many amazing plays Hunter has made and will make again.

#17 WR Damian Williams- B: Williams didn't stand out but I really like his route running and his ability to identify landmarks on the field.

#18 WR Kenny Britt- A-: Britt had a good day. For the most part he was reliable and he was very close to notching his second TD of the game until a review came up in favor of the defense.

#20 CB Alterraun Verner- A-: Verner was sticky in coverage (not including prevent/two-minute shell looks) and he really put his name back in the mix of potential starting CBs.

#22 RB Jackie Battle B+: It was hard to get a good feel for the running backs considering that it was a "no-tackle" practice, but Battle had more wiggle than I anticipated. If he was allowed to run with a full head of steam like does in the game, he might have had a legitimate shot to be the only RB with a touchdown.

#23 RB Shonn Greene C: Shonn Greene was what you expect him to be, a short yardage player who can find the holes if they are there. While he didn't wow, he also didn't disappoint and I could see him becoming a fixture in the short yardage game.

#24 CB Coty Sensabaugh B: The second year CB was the second best corner on the field all day, and he looks like he may be a spark plug for this defense. His enthusiasm and instincts make him fun to watch, and he could be the current front runner for the starting CB job.

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