Should the Titans put in a waiver claim on any of the players cut, getting the rosters down to 75?

All teams have now cut their rosters down to 75 players. Now the question becomes, should the Titans claim any of these players that are on waivers. However, remember that just because the Titans put in a waiver claim for a player, it doesn't mean that they will automatically get that player, because player claims are awarded in the same order that teams drafted (Titans 10th pick), and 9 other teams have first call on waived players.

Before going any further, it's probably a good idea to post the link to a great article from yesterday, explaining some of what goes on out of sight during this time.

The Titans have injury problems at LB. SLB Ayers will likely miss the first few games, after they have built much of the defense around his pass rushing, to the point of even moving him to DE sometimes, but they have no backup for him with those skills. The 2 possible replacements now on the roster, who could possible replace Ayers, are on the roster bubble, 2nd year DE Scott Solomon, who was just moved to OLB in training camp, and 28 year old OLB Patrick Bailey, who's mostly only played special teams. In addition, rookie backup WLB Zavier Gooden is also injured, and starting MLB Colin McCarthy only returned to practice yesterday. That only leaves 2 healthy backups that will make the roster, Moise Fokou (an off-season FA signing), and Tim Shaw (a career special teams standout), and both play MLB. So here are 2 LB's that were cut (you can find more info about them at my post "Players the Titans should watch for during the final roster cuts"), who the Titans should consider placing a waiver claim for.

LB Jamar Chaney (6'0 7/8", 242) was cut after 3 seasons with the Eagles, where he had 91 tackles as their starting MLB in 2011, but he only started 3 games at SLB and 2 games at WLB last season, though his best position is MLB. He has good size, very good speed (4.54-40), and a great 39" vertical. His 1 drawback is that he's no longer eligible for the Practice Squad, so he would have to make the 53 man roster, or be cut. So, claim him, check him out for a few days, and then decide whether to cut him or keep him.

UPDATE: LB Jamar Chaney was signed by the Falcons after the 2nd game.

OLB/DE Eric Martin (6'0 3/4", 237, now up to 250) ran a 4.53-40 at his Pro Day, with a 6.63-3 cone drill and a 3.97-20 yard shuttle, with those last 2 numbers only bettered at the Combine by 2 WR's and 2 DB's. He played DE at Nebraska, posting 17 TFL's and 8.5 sacks as a senior, but the Saints only played him at OLB before he was cut. The Titans will have nothing to lose by claiming Martin, because they can try to slip him through to the Practice Squad, if they feel he's not ready.

UPDATE: Eric Martin has been claimed by the Browns (6th in claims order).

Here's an unlikely pick up for the Titans, who I think could make a great 53rd man on the roster, if his health is OK.

TE/FB/WR/DE/LB/S/ST Jameson Konz (6'3 1/2", 234) was the Seahawks Swiss Army Knife, before he was cut, but the Seahawks are so deep, that his being cut isn't such a bad reflection on him. He had a great 2010 Pro Day, running a 4.38-40, with an outstanding 46" vertical, and that great athleticism may have been his down fall, because all the position coaches wanted him, meaning he got moved around so much (in college and the pros) that he never really has gotten the time to develop at one position. Unfortunately, he was on IR his first 2 seasons, and now in his 4th year has no Practice Squad eligibility left. I doubt any team will claim him, but he might be a good end of the roster signing, if his health checks out.

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