Titans have excess tradable talent at the end of their roster, so trade it, don't just cut it

Teams must cut down their rosters from 90 to 75 players in only 6 days, at 4:00PM ET, on the 27th (Tuesday), and then cut down to 53 players, at 4:00PM ET, on the 31st (Saturday). The trades of players unlikely to survive the final roster cuts have already started, with the swap of 1st round draft bust WR's, the 49ers A. J. Jenkins for the Chiefs Jon Baldwin, and the Seahawks OG John Moffitt (after his trade to the Browns was voided, when he failed his physical) for the Broncos NT Sealver Siliga. No doubt we'll see other such trades over the next 11 days, and let's hope the Titans aren't idle as well.

The Titans are lucky that they have an excess of talent at the end of their roster. They may not have a lot of trade value, but perhaps for a 2014 or 2015 7th round pick, a pick conditional upon them making the new teams roster, or just a trade for another soon to be cut player. It might not be much, but it's sure better than the nothing they get for just cutting them outright.

Here are the players who I believe have some trade value, and are unlikely to survive the Titans final roster cut.

KR/PR/WR - Marc Mariani - age 26, 2013 salary $575,000 (or you could substitute Darius Reynaud - age 28, 2013 salary $700,000)

WR - Kevin Walter - age 32, 2013 salary $940,000

OT's - Barry Richardson - age 27, 2013 salary $715,000, or Mike Otto - age 30, 2013 salary $1.7 million (he might have more trade value because he can play LT)

OG - Kasey Studdard - age 29, 2013 salary $715,000

OG/C - Chris Spencer - age 31, 2013 salary $905,000

NT - Antonio Johnson - age 28, 2013 salary $800,000 (but I think he makes the roster)

Here are some other likely Titans roster cuts, who may not have enough trade value.

DT's - DaJohn Harris - age 24, 2013 salary $480,000 (2014 salary $570,000), and Zach Clayton - age 25, $480,000 (2014 salary $570,000)

DE/OLB - Scott Solomon - age 24, 2013 salary $480,000 (2014 salary $570,000)

LB's - Patrick Bailey - age 28, 2013 salary $970,000 (2014 salary $1.2 million), and Gary Guyton - age 27, (no salary info)

S's - Corey Lynch - age 28 (no salary info), and Al Afalava - age 26, 2013 salary $630,000

Here are some teams that have needs at these positions.

WR's - Saints (for UDFA DE/OLB Eric Martin), Steelers (for 7th round pick, #223, DT Nick Williams), or for draft picks from the Falcons, Chargers, Chiefs, Colts, Browns, Ravens, or Jets.

OT's - Panthers (for a S, Nakamura or Jones)and Falcons a starting RT (for a draft pick

OG's - Panthers (for a S) and Cowboys (a draft pick)

OL - Raiders (for a draft pick)

I will post a review of some players likely among the final roster cuts, the Titans might put in a waiver claim, after the final roster cuts, or a trade offer prior to the cut, in the next few days.

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