Training Camp Visit, DD Style

Today was a good day.

I went to Titans training camp today, and had a darn good time! Here's DD's 5 observations (offense and defense) of practice (not very in depth, go look at some tweets or Sharona's recap for that stuff), followed by some pictures I took, and then other random stuff.


1) Justin Hunter is going to be awesome.

2) Michael Preston looks very good to me, made some nice plays.

3) Locker looks comfortable out there. There's some plays he messes up on, but he looks like he knows what he's doing out there, moreso than he has the first 2 years. Kinda hard to explain it. He just looks like he's very comfortable with everything he's doing.

4) Kendall Wright is FAST.

5) Nate Washington is pretty vocal in and out of the huddle.


1) Pollard is talking on every play. I noticed him say something along the lines of "I should be able to hit even without pads" when he wanted to tackle Nate on a catch.

2) I think all the corners will get playing time this year. They all seem to have their own unique skillset that they can bring to the table, which is never a bad thing in today's pass happy NFL.

3) Gregg Williams seems to be very involved with the defense. I hope it makes a difference.

4) The defensive line seems capable of being very good this year. I liked what I saw out of them.

5) Pollard made a nice pass breakup today, who says he can't cover?

Now for some pictures.


Chance Warmack. He is a big big boy. He's also very humble. He was very happy to sign autographs today, and people were appreciative of his humble attitude.


Blidi Wreh-Wilson. He was a nice guy as well. Was chatting up his alma mater UConn with some people.


Marc Mariani. You can't help but like the dude. He's pretty chatty with the fans and carries himself well. Wasn't down to sign but did anyway.


Nate Washington. He wasn't down to sign autographs, but he decided to anyway. He's a nice guy also. He was upbeat and very vocal, seems to be taking a leadership role, which is good to see. Love me some All-State.


And behold, in all his glory, Mr. GOLD POCKETS himself! The mob surrounding CJ was pretty insane, although not unexpected. I was very impressed with the fact that he stayed around and went from one end of the fenceline to the other to sign everything. He was also in a good mood and had some nice chats with people.

I also got signatures from Barry Richardson, Mike Otto, Michael Griffin, Brian Schwenke (who is a big ole teddy bear), and Mike Martin, who is in fact that big.

The line of the day came from Mike Martin. He signed something for an older lady who proceeded to say "thanks sweetie". Then a guy said to Mike "she called you sweetie", and Martin replies "That's what's I'm talking about". It was pretty hilarious. He's a cool dude.

The layout of the practice facilty was very nice. It was easy to find, good parking, and plenty of places to sit or stand.

It was very cool to see the players and hear the coaches and take things in from a unique perspective like that. If you've never been (it was my first time), I highly suggest you make the trip, especially if you live fairly close to Nashville. It's worth it.

GO TITANS!!!!!!!

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