Put Your Name on it 2013

This is a preseason competition that I ran last July. I'm going to ask you guys to respond to my 10 questions about the Titans and the NFL as a whole in the comment section below. I will then save the link to this article in my sig and we can look back and laugh or gloat as to how ridiculous or accurate our guesses were. Just before training camp next year I will post a review of our predictions, as I did last week. We had a good response last year, hopefully this year we get similar if not better input.

So go ahead, be bold and Put Your Name on it!

How Many Games will the Titans Win in 2013?

9. I think we're going to be a much better side than last year and probably avoid any blowout losses. Ultimately I don't think this turnaround will be enough to get us a guaranteed playoff spot but it should put us in the hunt for a wildcard.

Who Will be the Titans coach at the Start of 2014?

Munch. I think that contrary to reports he isn't in a playoff or bust mode. I have nothing to substantiate my claim I just believe that Mike Munchak is going to be a very hard guy to fire. So I think if there are signs of life and it looks like this franchise has turned the corner but doesn't quite make it to the playoffs it'd be hard to say goodbye to Munch after 30 years. I should add I hated the Munch appointment at the time but he's won me over in a massive way.

Will Jake Locker be the Titans starting QB in 2014?

Yes, I think 9-7 is enough to save his job.

Which Titans Rookie will have the Biggest Impact in 2013?

Chance Warmack, I think the kid is going to be special. I see pro-bowls, all pro's and superbowls in his future. I don't buy any of the lack of athleticism remarks simply because where were they before the combine? The first I heard of them was after other O-lineman ran well. This is not a knock on our other rookies I think BWW might also have a big impact however Chance is going to be on the field for every offensive snap this season.

Pick a Titans Over and Under achiever.

Overachiever - Kendall Wright, I think he'll have 50% more receptions than anyone else on the team and just generally play like a beast.

Underachiever - Tough one to call because its the offseason and you only hear good press about players. Craig Stevens I like the guy but it might be his last season as a Titan, he has a big contract for a backup TE and a young promising guy behind him on the roster. I think he could be a very important piece of the puzzle for us with his versatility but he's been quite injury prone throughout his time in the NFL I fear without a great season he might well be on the chopping block.

Will there be any Titans Pro-Bowlers, if so How Many?

1. Chris Johnson, probably as an alternate. I expect our running game to be resurgent but I doubt he has enough carries to get into the pro bowl on merit. He still has name recognition the only thing relevant to the pro bowl. Our best 5 players are going to be our 5 offensive lineman. None of them have any recognition in the media and without a primetime game won't get any. So I struggle to see any of them getting into the probowl, that goes for our defensive players too.

A Random Titans Prediction?

I'll stick with the one I went with last year, Derrick Morgan will have 10+ sacks this year.

Who wins the AFC South in 2013?

The Texans, hate to say it but they're still a very talented team with a great inter divisional record in the last few years. I'm not sure I see another 12 win season on the cards but I struggle to see anyone taking the division crown away from them.

Pick a Non-Playoff Team from 2012 to make the 2013 Playoffs, from each Conference.

NFC- Saints. Sean Payton gets them back to their winning ways and they get a wildcard spot.

AFC- Titans. I don't want to say us but the 5 best AFC teams made the playoffs last year, and I think we finish above the Colts in the division so I'm giving us their spot.

Two Random NFL predictions for 2013.

The Steelers finish bottom in the AFC North and the Jaguars have the 1st pick in the 2014 draft.

I hope you take the time to answer these questions. I'm sure there will be some controversial predictions. Its all in good fun, be bold as I can tell you reading the more outrageous predictions from last year was more fun than the bland ones.

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