Reviewing Put Your Name on It 2012.

Just over a year ago today I posted this article asking for predictions to 10 questions about the titans and the NFL last season. It's time to look back on those predictions and make fun of them or if appropriate praise them. I'll be honest with you now though there isn't going to be much praise thrown about.

I will be posting a Put Your Name on it 2013 in a few days, I've got to think about the questions first. I think 10 was a bit much last year so I'll ponder on that and get it out by the end of the week.

Onto the predictions, I'm going to go through each question and nominate best/worst predictions. Let the naming and shaming begin.

How Many games will the Titans win in 2012?

We were far too optimistic going into last season, so two people get an honourable mention for only predicting us to be 8-8 FreedomRide and TheJadeScorpian. Too many people predicted 10+ wins to name and shame them all.

Who will be the starting QB week 17?

This was pretty much a 50/50 split of Hass and Locker so again no naming and shaming here.

Which Titans player will overachieve in 2012?

A tough one to call because there were a lot of good predictions. Ayers got a few nominations. However I'm going to go with Cricollo_pcg for saying Zach Brown would have a big year. Other nominees were Casey and ATV who I don't think played badly I just wouldn't say they overachieved. Honourable mention to Jerlindsey for saying Derrick Morgan would break out this year. Onto the worst predictions I have to hold my hand up and admit I bought into the Tommie Campbell hype I wasn't alone Iceone fell for it too. So we end up with a bit of egg on our faces for that.

Which Titans player will underachieve in 2012?

There weren't any bad predictions on this one. Cook and CJ were popular choices both underachieved. Klug got a couple of nominations and certainly had diminished playing time. The only person who I think had a bad prediction was Iceone for suggesting Senderrick Marks would underachieve. He must have expected a lot more than I did as he was average last year and that's pretty much what I expected from him.

Which Titans Rookie will have the Biggest Contribution in 2012?

Tough one to call, lots of people went with Wright, who played well but I think if they were being honest they'd say they expected more out of him. Some said Martin who I thought was one of our top defenders last year. However I'm going to give myself the win because I was the only person who thought Zach Brown would be our biggest impact rookie. As I said in my prediction he's going to play a lot of snaps for us and look good immediately, I feel somewhat vindicated. As for the worst prediction it has to go to FOTUD who went with Taylor Thompson who other some great blocking didn't contribute much this year.

Which Titans will make the Pro Bowl in 2012?

No-one predicted there wouldn't be a Titans pro-bowler so we all lose, although Iceone did predict we would have 8 probowlers so he was furthest from being correct.

Make one Random Prediction about the 2012 Titans?

There was one clear winner here for me, FreedomRide. Who said that the running game will suck again, not taking DeCastro was a error and that Hutchinson was now just a guy not the all-pro he used to be. Hard to argue with what he said, OK DeCastro didn't play much last year but his prediction is still pretty much spot on. Others worthy of note, I predicted 10 sacks for Derrick Morgan while he didn't achieve that he certain played very well, Iceone predicted Jared Cook to have at least 1 50yard TD, Trevor2013 predicted Velasco to be the starting Centre and DynamicDreadlocks predicted Nate to lead our WRs in TDs (he tied for 1st). The worst prediction was Jerlindsey predicting us to play Peyton in the AFC Championship game.

Who will win the AFC South in 2012?

Surprisingly despite all the wins that were predicted for us, only a couple thought that we could take the division from the Texans. So no naming and shaming here.

Pick one Surprise team to make the Playoffs from each Conference who didn't make them last year?

There was only one correct prediction and that was by Trevor2013 who said that Seattle would go to the playoffs. The worst prediction was made by 5 people who said that the Chiefs would make the playoffs. Too many to name and shame but collective shame should be felt by all.

Finally a Random Football related Prediction.

It looks like there was only one correct prediction and that was Iceone predicting that Matt Hasslebeck would get injured. There was a lot of Peyton hate, a couple saying he'd get injured and a couple saying he'd be terrible. Guess you guys were wrong about that. I will however take the honour of worst prediction here. As I predicted beautifully that the Vikings would be the worst team in the NFL in 2012 and they made the playoffs (bloody AP).

As I said at the top I will be posting some more questions for this season before the end of the week so we can all look back and laugh at them in a years time. I think it would have been a lot more boring for me to read through the predictions had there been lots of good ones. So feel free to be as bold as you like with your predictions when I do get around to posting them.

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