Which franchise QB should love the Titans in 2014?

Jonathan Daniel

The Titans should be a very attractive option to one Pro-Bowl QB.

Everyone is hoping that Jake Locker takes that next step in 2013 and becomes a QB worthy of the eighth overall pick, however if the Titans regress (or even stay the same) in Locker's second year it may be time to look for a new QB. In this case the Titans have three options.

A) Start Ryan Fitzpatrick. Personally I think Fitz is a great fit in the Titans offense and he is cheap. He doesn't bring anything electrifying to the table, but he will know the playbook and he can be a game manager with talent surrounding him.

B) Draft a QB with whatever pick the Titans have in the first round. It will be no secret that the TItans need a QB and the last time the Titans were pigeon holed like this the missed out on some big time talent (J.J. Watt, Pouncey, and Ryan Kerrigan for starters). However, this draft has the potential to be filled with elite QBs and if the Titans get a chance at Teddy Bridgewater, Tajh Boyd, or David Fales they should go ahead and pull the trigger.

C) Finally to the point of the article, the last really attractive option is to sign a QB in free agency. What QB you ask, well why not Jay Cutler? Sure Cutler has a weird attitude/vibe about him and he looks like he just woke up all the time, but the guy gets stuff done on the field. An excellent arm with surprising accuracy and good awareness are what interest me most about Cutler. So why would he come to Tennessee?

Well first of all he played his college ball in Vanderbilt which happens to be located in Nashville, so I would be shocked he was completely ambivalent to the idea of coming back to a town that actually loves him. Not to mention that his jersey sales would sky rocket and he would almost instantly become the face of the franchise.

Also, what is Cutler's biggest problem with Chicago? They refuse to upgrade the offensive line. Some second tier G/T in the first round (Long) and a cast off from one of the most mediocre lines in football (Bushrod) aren't going to protect him from those punishing hits in the cold provided by the likes of Clay Mathews, Ndamukong Suh, and Jared Allen to name a few. However, put him behind an offensive line that has a chance to be the best in the league in 2014 and he would be one of the safest QBs in the NFL.

What's that you say? The Bears have Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte?...So...The Titans will have at least two first round WRs on the team in 2014 and they will have a balanced attack that features Chris Johnson and Shonn Greene who have a combined seven 1,000 yard rushing seasons in the past five years. The offense will also feature big target TEs that should be open on short routes if Cutler wants to dink-and-dunk his way to the endzone.

So what more could you want if you are Jay Cutler? Hometown atmosphere, better weather, easier conditions, better protection, more offensive talent, and less pressure from opposing defenses all in one convenient location: LP Field.

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