Many Fond Thanks To MCM For Helping To Make This Off Season The Best  Ever!!

Dear MCM Staff,

Please allow me to be serious for a moment. I know it must be tough for all Titans fans to wait for the regular season to begin but this off season has been particularly depressing for me personally so thanks for reaching out and inviting me to be your guest for an entire day at your downtown office last week.

Thanks for allowing me to peek behind the curtain and see first hand how the sausage is made. I've learned so much about the inner workings of your extraordinary organization. Spending the day with you has made this one of the best off seasons ever.

I really enjoyed meeting all of my MCM heroes in person. I had always wanted to look over the shoulders of some of my favorite writers and observe their thought process while watching them type magic on the screen.

Please forgive me for name dropping but getting to meet Noles, Danomite, Gramsey, Greenlaw and the new guy Gunnels was awesome. Please be sure to tell Michael Lombardo, Kenneth G, Daniel R and August that they are the cat’s meow and that I really enjoyed meeting them as well. Please tell everyone there that I will accept their invitation to make a return visit to your office next weekend to meet J Lomas.

It was really cool when Jimmy autographed an authentic Spalding football for me. I loved how he signed the football “Jommy”and tossed it to me from across the room in an exaggerated Johnny Unitas type throwing motion.

It was great finally meeting Superhorn. She diagramed some pistol/read-option plays for me on a whiteboard in her office. Wow, who knew that Superhorn was a smoking hot 24 year old MILF.

One of the highlights of my visit was when we all broke bread together in the company commissary. I was surprised to learn that St Prattrick and FOTUD were among the paid SB Nation staffers. (Was it okay for me to disclose that?) Please tell these two men that it was wonderful meeting them and that they do great work keeping the conversation on your blog interesting and lively.

Of course it is impossible to mention everyone by name in this brief note but please, please thank all the other people who work behind the scenes. Thank everyone who creates the wonderful content that I enjoy reading everyday. If it wasn’t for all of you, I don’t know how I could survive this time of year.

There has been very few juicy Titans stories to report on lately but your people are always able to feed the masses with what is tantamount to three fishes and two loaves of bread.

PS: I have enclosed a picture below. Its the photo that we took of me posing with the MCM staff. I want you all to know that this photo and the time that I spent with all of you will be something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Yours very truly,

Black Helicopterz


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