Chris Johnson and the Perception of Atheletes

It appears that our favorite NFL speedster has been making some questionable moves regarding his image this week. First he has been endorsing a strip club called the "Yellow Rose." Not a big deal to most. A lot of pro athletes go clubbing.

As a quick aside, let me note that I am a pretty conservative, religious guy. As such I find strip clubs morally reprehensible, exploitative and misogynistic. However, I also view any relationship between me and the athletes I support as just pertaining to the entertainment they give me.As long as the athletes stay out of trouble I'm good. Of course I like occasionally seeing genuinely good, moral individuals in sports and they will generally tend to be my favorite players (If Tim Tebow could actually play football he would be my absolute favorite athlete ever), but otherwise I'm not going to get my panties in a wad over CJ frequenting a strip club.

Of course CJ had to take it to another level (and that's not the second level of the Jaguar's defense). Turns out he pays a very shady character named Chester Joesph money to use his house as a place to bring his lady friends for a good time. Again it's not the fact that CJ has many lady friends, he is single. It's the fact that a shootout broke out outside the house and left a fifteen year old girl dead.

There's more.

After the shootout, which was apparently a failed burglary, Joesph was questioned and lied to the police about key facts in the case. He later told the complete truth after his cousin, former Jaguar Mike Sims-Walker, talked to him.

After the dust settled here's what we learned:

  • Marijuana was in the house.
  • NFL athletes use the house to discreetly "do the business" with girls the pick up without the media or their girlfriends/wives knowing.
  • None of the players were directly involved in the case.

I'd like to take a moment to point out that I am 99 percent sure Chris Johnson is not one of the four homosexual players planning to come out. Moving on.

Am I the only one who thinks it's a terrible idea to be associated with these kinds of people and frequent shady, gang infested areas if you are an NFL player. Many have noted that the house may have been a target for burglary because it was well known as a hangout for rich NFL players. That and the fact that Marijuana was found on the premise makes me believe that its time CJ starts taking his women other places, like a freaking hotel room!

As the face of the franchise it looks really bad when twice in one week CJ is tied to situations that could hurt is image. I'm not asking CJ to be a perfect angel. He is a big boy and is capable of making his own decisions. What I want is for CJ to be responsible when he does decide to do things like this. Don't get involved with shady people, CJ, it's killing Kenny Britt's career, learn from him. One day your just with 'em the next day your with 'em, in jail. My dad always said that you are defined by the company you keep, so CJ, we love you, be careful out there.

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