Comparisons for every Tennessee pick from the 2013 NFL Draft


Find out who I think we drafted in the 2013 NFL draft.

When I look at Tennessee's draft I see two very good NFL starters, and two guys that should compete immediately for a starting job. While comparisons are hard, they are a useful tool for trying to project why a player should start and what kind of team the Titans will have.

Chance Warmack- Josh Sitton, Green Bay

An absolute mauler, Warmack and Sitton both dominate in one-on-one competition and open up huge running lanes given the opportunity.

Justin Hunter- Randy Moss, San Fransisco

This comparison has been made more times than I care to count, but it makes a ton of since. Moss and Hunter both demand special attention and are freak combinations of size and speed with an affinity for the spectacular catch.

Blidi Wreh-Wilson- Nnamdi Asomugha, San Fransisco

The corners share more than just unique last names, they also shine in press coverage. Asomugha was at his best when he was put on the island and allowed to press and recover with his speed.

Zaviar Gooden- Zach Brown, Tennessee

Easy comparison, both of these speed demons were Senior Bowl standouts that blew up the combine. Gooden needs to develop his hands and read plays better before he has a chance to start, but he should be able to start early in nickel packages as a cover linebacker.

Brian Schwenke- Will Montgomery, Washington

Both of these interior linemen are quick and do a great job getting in front of defenders and using body position to create running lanes. Also, both are a little underwhelming at the point of attack but still manage to get the job done.

Lavar Edwards- Jason Jones, Detroit

Edwards is an athletic prospect who was stuck behind two very good players at LSU. Hopefully in the NFL the Titans will move him to 3-tech and let him bulk up, similar to how they should have continued to used JJ back when he was on the roster.

Khalid Wooten- Dunta Robinson, Kansas City

Wooten is a striker and while he obviously won't see the snaps Robinson did, he is a similar player. Both can cover well over short areas but struggle when left on an island with a good WR.

Damian Stafford- Tavon Wilson, New England

Stafford shouldn't be more than an a special teams player, but if he is forced onto the field I think Wilson is a solid comparison.

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