MCM Put Your Name On It 2013

This'll be a simple fanpost, I believe it was done prior to the season starting last year as well.

I'll ask a few questions below and my responses, and in the fan comments, you can post your thoughts and/or responses to the questions as well.



Q: Which Titan will be the most improved from last season?

A: I believe it will be none other than Jake Locker. He has all the tools to be successful this year, and I believe he's going to put it all together.

Q: Which Titans rookie will make the most significant impact in 2013?

A: Chance Warmack. Plugging in a player who will start and play at a high level for many years to come can only do good things for this offensive line, CJ, and Locker.

Q: What one thing do you think the Titans, if they do successfully, will vault them into the playoffs?

A: Get more sacks. I firmly believe the offense will be just fine this year, but the defense must get to QB. They should and will find creative ways to get to the QB this year, and if that results in a significant increase in sack totals, that will improve the defense as a whole and greatly improve our chances at being a playoff team.

Q: Who will be the Titans leading receiver at the end of the season?

A: Kendall Wright. I forsee a 1000 yard season for KW. Britt is a wildcard, Washington is who is he, and Hunter will make plays but make his bigger leap in production in 2014.

Q: Will any Titans make the Pro Bowl in 2013, and if so, who?

A: I think CJ will. I see a 1400-1600 yard season and 8-10 scores for him, so he should get a Pro Bowl nod.

Q: Predictions on the season (record, and other things, subject to change)?

A: 9-7, right on the fringe of a playoff birth. Munchak remains head coach, Locker has a better year than Andrew Luck, CJ outrushes Arian Foster, Bernard Pollard knocks the piss out of Andre Johnson, and we beat either the 49ers or Seahawks.



Q: Outside of the Titans, who will be the most improved team in 2013?

A: Either the Saints or the Buccaneers. I lean towards the Saints because they have Drew Brees.

Q: Which 2012 playoff team is most likely to miss the playoffs in 2013?

A: I think it's probably a two horse race between the Vikings and Colts. But since I can only pick one, I think it will be very unlikely that the Vikings return to the playoffs with Christian Ponder under center. Peterson can only do so much.

Q: Who will be a darkhorse candidate to win NFL MVP in 2013?

A: Russell Wilson. I think he's going to do big big things.

Q: Name your R.O.Y., O.P.Y., D.P.Y., and MVP.

A: R.O.Y. = Jarvis Jones. I hate that he's in Pittsburgh, it seems like a perfect fit. O.P.Y. = Russell Wilson. D.P.Y. = Aldon Smith. MVP = LeBron James honestly I think it will be Peyton freakin Manning again. I think Aaron Rodgers can unseat him though.

Q: Name your division winners and wildcard teams.

A: Steelers, Texans, Patriots, Broncos, Bengals, and either Ravens/Titans/Colts for AFC. Seahawks, Giants, Saints, Packers, 49ers, Falcons for NFC. I didn't include the Redskins because I think they will take a step back this year.

Q: Name your Super Bowl and Super Bowl champion.

A: Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks. Seahawks win.

Q: Who will win the Crash4Clowney sweepstakes (aka worst team in the NFL)?

A: Oakland Raiders. Just lose, baby.

Q: Post any other NFL predictions here.

A: Texans regress this year, but still win the division. Romo will choke away a few games. Matt Barkley will start at some point for the Eagles this year. Geno Smith will also start at some point this year. Tebow doesn't make an NFL roster. Leading rusher is Adrian Peterson (surprise surprise). Da'Rick Rogers will be a good WR for Buffalo. Vince Young thinks he can still play.

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