State of the Titans - Offense - Pre-Draft Discussions Vol I

Free Agency has shown us a few things about the Titans new FO...

A - They are serious about keeping their jobs.
B - They are serious about making this Titans team a contender.
C - Sh#t is about to get real in training camp (with real life position battles?!)

This post is intended to create discussion about what the Titans need to not only compete in the AFC South, but to be a force in the playoffs. What will they need to take down Indy and Houston in the AFC South and what pieces still remain in Free Agency and in the 2013 Draft Class that will fill the "voids" in the depth charts. There was a really good piece written by D.Reese about the lifeblood of a legitimate playoff team being depth in a roster. The Titans have a pretty solid nucleus of young talented players on both Offense and Defense... so what's missing? I'm posting every position on the team (with 2-3 different posts) with a few important questions about those positions. Let's hear your take MCMer's...

#1 - Coaching... M.Munchak, D.Loggins, B.Mathews
Q: What does Munch have to do to prove he is a viable leader for this Titans team past 2013?
Q: Does he only have to make the playoffs or simply show an improvement from the last 2 seasons?
Q: Loggins is finally getting his shot at the Titans Offense, what will he need to be successful in 2013?

#2 - QB - J.Locker, R.Fitzpatrick, R.Smith
Q: Most are hopeful and many are skeptical at best in Locker's ability to lead the Titan offense. With the addition of 2 good O-linemen in Turner and Levitre (+ the hopeful addition of a new OG in the draft) will the 2013 O-Line bring back the dominance of former Titan lines?
Q: R.Fitzpatrick was a pretty good signing imo, being cheaper and younger than Hasselbeck, but how much of an impact will the loss of Hass's leadership be on the Titans locker room?

#3 - RB/FB - C.Johnson, S.Greene, Q.Johnson, D.Reynaud
Q: CJ2K is still one of the top 5 RB's in the NFL (to question that really is silly). Will the addition of S.Greene and the upgrades on the O-Line bring him back to his monstrous rushing numbers? He's still 100% capable of breaking off an 84 TD run faster than a fat kid can eat a chocolate covered chicken leg.
Q: Will D.Reynaud still be the Titan return man with the return of Mariani or do the Titans go after a new return man in the draft, like T.Mathieu?

#4 - TE - D.Walker, C.Stevens, T.Thompson
Q: D.Walker was hidden away behind V.Davis in SF the past few seasons, but still managed to be a force in both the run and pass game, with him as a starter on the Titans squad is he going to bring the wood to OLB's and DB's in the AFC South?
Q: C.S and T.T are both serviceable TE's that can make an impact on the team. What roles will each of them play now that they are no longer in the potential shadow of the Cook?

#5 - WR - N.Washington, K.Britt, K.Wright, D.Williams, M.Mariani, L.Hawkins, M.Preston, K.Walter
Q: Now that is a crowded WR core. Who is going to be left standing after the draft?
Q: Will the Titans try to upgrade their WR's in this draft? Do they need to given the current talent?
Q: It seems to have passed, but what is your opinion of Washington's trade value?

#6 - OL - M.Roos, A.Levitre, F.Velasco, E.Amano, R.Turner, C.Spencer, D.Stewart, M.Otto
Q: Turner could arguably be the new starting RG for the Titans if they elect to pass on an OG in rounds 1-4 in the draft. He started for the Rams patch-work O-line and did a decent job and he is an upgrade from the Titans O-line from the last 2 years, but is he enough?
Q: Most of MCM believes that Warmack would make this Titans line one of the best in the NFL. Is Warmack the missing piece?

Take your pick of the questions. What's left for the FO to do to make this team an AFC South contender? Let the games begin...

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