2013 NFL Offseason What’s next?: Part two

Jared Wickerham

When the Titans traded up to draft their number one WR, Justin Hunter, they sent a clear message to the receivers on their team: No one but Kendall Wright is safe. All outside receivers have been put on notice, but the question now is what do you do with the guys that won't see the field?

The Tennessee Titans added some great pieces in free agency and in the draft, but what to fans have to look forward to in the dead time-span between now and training camp?

Does the team trade/cut a wide receiver?

The Titans have a plethora of starting caliber wide receivers: Britt, Washington, Williams, Hunter, Hawkins, and Walter. Of those guys (plus the fringe guys) surely the Titans could make a trade with WR hungry team like New England or the Jets for a mid/late round pick.

Of those players, Washington is the one that looks most expendable to me. Firstly, he was rumored to be on the trade block earlier this offseason. Second, he is the most successful WR on the Titans roster. Washington is a proven deep threat that has recently amassed a 1000+ yard season. A player like that should make teams with rookie QBs look twice at just how much they need a third round pick, especially considering coaches like Rex Ryan won't get the chance to use that third round pick if they get fired due to a sputtering offensive unit.

The Titans also have to consider that they traded away a third round pick for a WR so they should try to package some of these guys to a team with poor depth that needs a starter. My proposals

TN/NYJ: Jets get Kenny Britt for a third.

TN/NYJ: Jets get Nate Washington and Damian Williams for a third.

TN/NE: Patriots get Nate Washington and Lavelle Hawkins for a third.

TN/NE: Patriots get Lavelle Hawkins, Damian Williams, and Marc Mariani for a third.

Some of those are pretty cheap and others are a little expensive for what you get, but either way they seem to be in the ballpark of a possible deal and would at least get talks going between the two teams.

The Titans front office would be smart not to be stingy on the price because after drafting another wide receiver into a crowded positional battle will increase competition, but you can't play all of those players at once. The best thing to do is trade them before you have to cut them.

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