Titans Need to Build Through the Draft to Be Successful

The Titans know they come into this draft needing to get some work done. They finished up a subpar 6-10 taking just 3rd in the AFC South. Ruston Webster will be entering his second season as GM and head coach Mike Munchak will be in his third. Last years draft proved to be less than stellar as the only player who looks to have real potential is linebacker Zach Brown. Kendall Wright, wide receiver from Baylor, may prove to be a decent No. 2 or 3 wideout if he gets more consistent quarterback play, but that remains to be seen. The Titans are in a strong division with both the Colts and the Texans getting better every year. If they want to start their climb back to the top of the mountain they will have to start getting good draft classes.

Defensive Back

When your defense ranks 26th overall against the pass, you know you have a lot of room for improvement. The Titans were hoping that Michael Griffin was going to be their man at one of the safety spots, it's why they signed him to a five-year $35 million contract less than a year ago. However, things didn't turn out quite the way they had hoped. Bernard Pollard was a big signing in free agency, but it wouldn't hurt to bring in a good, young talent that can develop in the position.


The Titans have made some good moves so far in the offseason and beefing up this position was clearly a need. They were able to sign away Andy Levitre away from the Bills in free agency and in doing so made a huge upgrade. They still need to do something about the other guard position, but with the draft they are in a prime position to do so. They signed Chris Spencer as well, but the club doesn't think he is starting material in the NFL, he adds depth to the line. If the Titans hope to see the running game of Chris Johnson return to form, this unit is going to have to really step it up.

Tight End / Wide Receiver

I put both these positions together because the Titans have recognized they need to upgrade the passing game, but it seems they haven't settled on how they are going to do it yet. Towards the end of last season the play of Nate Washington didn't bring him much praise. He has a lot of talent, but he may end up not fitting in Tennessee. The team subsequently brought in Kevin Walter from Houston, a guy who has proven he can play the number 3 role, maybe even the 2. They also signed tight end Delanie Walker, a versatile player who will definitely help the offense move. However, the team still needs a real stud to make the passing game go. It is not their biggest position of need, particularly with the quarterback spot in flux, but if the talent is right they may make a grab at someone.

The Titans have the 10th overall pick in the draft and that would be a great spot to make the much needed upgrade to the offensive line. Don't be surprised if you hear the name Chance Warmack called. An offensive guard from Alabama at 6-2, 317 lbs. he's slightly shorter than the average NFL guard. However, he has extremely long arms and a very strong core and lower body. He possesses great balance and understands leverage well by bending naturally at the knees. He understands blitzes and coverage pickups very well and shows quickness inside of small areas. As good as his pass blocking is, his run blocking may be even better. He pulls very well and once again shows a thorough understanding of leverage by using his quickness to gain position. He takes good angles and show the ability to stay balanced and give effective blocks at the second level. One of the best traits he'll bring is his work ethic. When you're turning a team around you need a locker room full of people who believe and show up every day. Warmack is a player who doesn't take plays off and that sets the tone even when the team isn't winning games.

The coaching staff knows they are expected to start turning stuff around. The NFL is a league that lives by the mantra "what have you done for me lately". If things don't start to look better quickly people in the coaching staff and front office are going to be looking elsewhere for work.

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