Your Best Case Draft Scenario: Volume 3: The Run In

Hello again everyone. The draft is upon us. In a few short days, all of the questions we've been debating about for the past few months will be answered. So let's do this one more time.

The rules- Do as many rounds as you wish, and don't forget our compensatory picks in rounds three, six, and seven. Try to keep it reasonably realistic(ie: no Cooper in round 2, Warford in round 3, etc.) Please give your reasoning behind each pick so others can see where you're coming from. Feel free to constructively criticize and pick apart everyone else's drafts, but be nice about it.

Here's mine-

Round 1 - Chance Warmack, OG Alabama - One of the best players in the draft lines up perfectly with the largest hole left on this team. No. Fucking. Brainer.

Round 2 - Cornellius Carradine, DE Florida State - Explosive and very strong, his only drawback is if he's going to be full strength coming back off that ACL. He ran a very good 40-time for his pro day, but running a straight line for forty yards and doing the cuts, dips, and other things that a DE does snap to snap are two very different things. That's ok for the Titans though, as we don't have a glaring need for a guy to come in and play a lot of snaps. He can take his time getting back to a true 100%, and then come in and be a beast.

Round 3 - D.J. Swearinger, S South Carolina - Hits like freight train, has experience at every position in the secondary, and tackles well. Could immediately come in and give depth at both safety and CB, and could take over at either SS or FS next year.

Round 3(comp) - Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB Connecticut - Perfect size for an outside CB. His only drawback is that he has slow hips in man coverage, but that won't be a problem in the Titans' zone heavy scheme.

Round 4 - Ryan Swope, WR Texas A&M - Fast and tough with good size and great hands, he's the perfect Nate Washington replacement in the slot. He's kind of exactly what we all wanted MegaMan to be; a slightly bigger and slightly faster Wes Welker clone. Insert white-guy-slot-receiver-Welker-clone comment here. He did great with Tannehill throwing him the ball two years ago, and he did just as good last year with the replacement QB. I can't help but think of Brandon Stokely when I think about this guy; smart, quick feet, and great hands.

Round 5 - Jamie Collins, OLB Southern Miss - He's just as fast and just as big as Dion Jordan, and he's even more athletic. Also, he has experience at DE in college. Would be depth at both OLB spots and could rush with his hand down.

Round 6(comp) - Zac Stacy, RB Vanderbilt - Compact and strong, he could be the next MJD. Could easily push Harper off this roster, which is a big win in it's own right.

Round 7 - Ricky Wagner, OT Wisconsin - Good size, arm strength, and hustle. He played on the left in college, but projects as a better right side run blocker in the NFL. He's coming out of the perennial great OL producing Wisconsin, so he has some natural built in upside. I figure best case scenario is that he can take over for Big Country after a couple years being depth and learning from the two HOF OL guys on the staff. Worst case is he's a seventh round lottery ticket that doesn't pan out. Most likely he ends up being a Michael Otto clone that gives us many years of faithful service as a pretty good backup.

Round 7(comp) - Philip Lutzenkirchen, TE Auburn - A great blocker with good hands, he could be used much in the same way we plan on using Walker and Stevens. He could even move to being an almost full time FB, taking the place of Quinn Johnson and increasing the talent level there.

And there it is. Now it's your turn, have at it!

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