One BIG move that would make the Titans contendors for the AFCS crown

The Situation: The Titans are in a win-now mode and need to improve a defense that was a sieve in 2012. Safety was the top issue going into 2013, but with two starting caliber safeties signed the focus needs to be on corners and defensive ends. Wimbley and Morgan were both criminally underrated last year given what they had to deal with in terms of blown coverage and injuries to MLB Colin McCarthy, but that is what you get when you don't have a productive year. So the question is how can the defense give the rushers more time to get to their target short of bringing in a new DC? This is a what, where, when, and how (in a different order) guide to making Tennessee a contender again in one big risky move.

What move needs to be made?

Trade the Titans 1st round pick, a 3rd round pick, and a 4th round pick for New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis and a 2rd round pick.

How do the Titans make this move without giving up the farm?

This move makes sense for both teams if you believe in the trade value chart (which some GM's swear on) and you believe the Jets really want to move Revis. The TVC values the Titans are offering 1,578 points in exchange for Revis + 500 points. This makes Revis worth just over 1,050, which is worth less than the offer they are looking for from the Buccaneers, but if Tampa Bay was willing to trade what the Jets believe he is worth then a move would have already been made.

A long-term contract for Revis could be made in four cuts: Michael Griffin, Nate Washington, Lavelle Hawkins, and Eugene Amano.

When should the Titans make this trade?

Now. The Titans need to give the Jets an offer in the hand to compare next to the one in the bush. Sure the TB offer would be better, but the Bucs haven't offered it now and Tennessee could price them out of the market.

Who do the Titans use their first three picks on?

With three picks on day two, the Titans will be able to fill glaring holes and add potential playmakers. Here is how it would shake out.

Pick 40: Larry Warford RG, Kentucky

Pick 41: Tank Carradine DE, FSU

Pick 99: Baccari Rambo S, Georgia

Warford is an immediate plug and play guy at right guard, and his nasty disposition will make him quick friends with resident right tackle David "Big Country" Stewart.

Tank Carradine could go in round one, but remember how no one said that Da'quan Bowers would fall out of the first round...and then he did. Injuries scare teams and good plays fall for it. At worst Carradine offers us depth at DE and at best he is the big bodied pass-rusher we have been looking for.

Rambo is a proven safety that can compete for a starting job down the road. Don't forget that in nickel packages the Titans could be able to roll out a Revis-McCourty-Verner-Pollard-Wilson combo, so the need for a third safety isn't pressing.

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