He's Coming After Our Guns, Our Women and Bud Adams!!! But Not Necessarily in That Order

Former Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher is unchained and looking to settle a score against the Titans franchise.

Fisher wants to deny the Titans any momentum for 2013 so he will be active during free agency. Coach Fisher will bid and compete on any player that he thinks might potentially help his old team. Fisher intends to thwart the Titans playoff hopes even after the struggling Titans had a losing 2012 season.

The Titans were among a few teams that didn’t have a player that was good enough to make the pro bowl.

An unnamed source close to Fisher spoke on the condition of anonymity: "Jeff thinks he got shafted in Tennessee and knowing Jeff, he’s gonna always get some payback on some people.” The source added “Coach Fisher is on a rampage. He’s coming after guns, women, children; he gonna plunder the g** d**** city.”

Multiple sources have informed me that during the recent NFL’s winter owners meeting, Jeff Fisher angrily confronted his former boss, the 90 year old Bud Adams. Fisher had to be restrained by hotel staff and league personnel.

“When you fire a man, you better look at him.” Fisher exclaimed. It was later revealed that Fisher hasn’t spoken directly to the Titans owner since his firing in 2010. Apparently Fisher is still fuming mad about not being giving the courtesy of a face to face firing.

Titans owner Bud Adams has not been seen publicly in the last few weeks.

“You probably won’t see Mr. Adams for a while because he is laying low until this Jeff Fisher situation blows over.“ A Titans executive said.

Titans officials are privately taking the threat very seriously after witnessing coach Fisher’s ruthless use of an NFL policy that granted him the exclusive rights to claim a released troubled player from the Detroit Lions. Many people around the league believe that Fisher and longtime friend Jim Schwartz only wanted to dole out some extra punishment on the player because the player was reportedly a cancer and a distraction in the Lion’s locker room. Fisher held the player for 10 days then sharply cut him. As a result of Fisher's action, the player has not been able to find employment.

A fear of Fisher could be a reason why a former Titans player and self proclaimed “Best receiver in NFL History”refused to comment on his former coach. "There were some things going on in-house that I probably won't speak upon until I write my book." The super bowl 47 participant said. The player had been benched for weeks by coach Fisher apparently because of an unfounded rumor involving an unidentified caller that made negative comments about Fisher on a sports radio station.

Speculation continue to swirl about the Titan's newly re-hired assistant defensive coach Gregg Williams. Williams has never clearly characterized his new role with the Titans and has only stated that he would "Help the Titans organization in any way."

The NFL immediately reinstated Williams after reports about the Jeff Fisher dust up came to light. Gregg Williams is thought to be among a very few people qualified to track Fisher down and reason with Fisher.

League officials are eager to talk with Fisher before the situation escalates and becomes more serious.

Williams coached 11 seasons for Fisher including four years as his defensive coordinator in Tennessee. Jeff Fisher hired Gregg Williams as the defensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams in 2012.

It remains unclear if Williams will be a part of the actual Titan’s coaching staff or if his enforcement skills are needed elsewhere in the Titan’s organization.

Bank records show that a payment from an NFL account were recently made to Gregg Williams in the amount of $40,000.

So these revelations beg the questions:

Is there a reward placed on Jeff Fisher’s head? Does the NFL want Fisher to be figuratively brought in to the New York offices dead or alive before the story becomes public? If so, Is the NFL quietly paying Gregg Williams a $40,000 bounty for the successful capture of Jeff Fisher?

And finally, after Fisher is brought in....will Bud Adams flip Jeff Fisher a double barreled middle fingered salute?

Stay Vigilant in 2013 And Beyond Titans Fans!!! And As Always.....LWSS

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