Teams who could trade for the Titans first round pick

Every year there is a portion of a fan base that wants to move up in the draft trading the farm for a great player, likewise there is always a part of the fan base that think trading down and adding picks is the right choice. Generally I like to see who is available before making that distinction, but considering that the Titans will likely take a guard in the first round the idea of trading back has weighed heavy on my mind.

These four teams all have a reason to trade up, and the ammo to do so. (The offered trades are based around the NFL trade value chart)

1. San Francisco (Offered compensation: The 31st, 34th, & 95th) (Odds they make they are the team to trade up: 50%)

Who they could target: Star Lotulelei DT, Dion Jordan DE/OLB, Kenny Vaccaro S

Why TN should do it: Recouping multiple mid-late round picks and the 49ers 1st round pick would allow them even more room to take high risks/high reward picks in this draft, if that is how Munchak and that front office want to do things this year.

Why they should do it: The 49ers don't have a lot of need for depth, but they have an amazing 14 draft picks this year and they would be smart to get some top-end players. Star Lotulelei was a top three lock until he had that mysterious heart condition at the combine that hasn't resurfaced since, however since then his spot has been usurped by other defensive tackles and some offensive linemen. Star can play any where on the defensive line in a 3-4 defense and he could learn a lot from veteran 5-tech Justin Smith.

Dion Jordan is a special athlete that is tough, motivated, and cat-quick. Putting Dion Jordan behind that defensive line could make he and Aldon Smith an amazing pass rushing one-two punch.

2. Chicago Bears (20th pick, 2014 1st round) (25%)

Who they could target: Eric Fisher or Lane Johnson OT

Why TN should do it: The Bears are desperate for a franchise left tackle and TN is the one team in the top 12 that isn't at least looking at a OT. That desperate could lead the Bears to do something drastic like trading this year's first and the 2014 first round pick for a shot at that guy.

Why they should do it: The Bears can't let Jay Cutler get beaten up for another year. Contract negotiations between he and the Bears either haven't started or aren't making progress because no long term deal has been reached. If the Bears can show Cutler that they are willing to protect him then maybe he won't force them to break the bank, but if they don't give him a good LT then they can bet that he will overcharge them for his services. The Bears are getting old folks and with an aging defense and no offensive identity they need to make some big moves to win now.

3. Miami Dolphins (43rd, 56th, & 2014 2nd round)(15%)

Who they could target: Eric Fisher or Lane Johnson OT, Barkevious Mingo DE, Bjoern Werner DE

Why TN should do it: If Warmack and Cooper are somehow off the board, but one of the offensive tackles is still available then TN could move back with this pick. The Dolphins have two second round picks they could offer straight up for the Titans first rounder. The depth in this class is its best quality and Tennessee would be smart to capitalize on it.

Why they should do it: The Dolphins addressed their needs at WR in free agency and their biggest needs now are OT and another pass rushing DE to get after the quarterback. By trading both seconds for the Titans first round pick they could add Johnson and Mingo filling both of those needs before San Diego gets a chance to nab one. Also, the Dolphins could get a 3rd round comp pick next year despite signing Wallace and a few others if the committee values CBs and OTs over other positions, so a 2014 second to sweeten the pot wouldn't be out of the question.

4. Minnesota Vikings: (23rd, 54th, 85th) (6%)*

Who they could target:Cordarrelle Patterson, Tavon Austin, Keenan Allen WR, Shariff Floyd, Sheldon Richardson, Star Lotulelei DT

Why TN should do it: Tennessee may not think that both Cooper and Warmack will get taken in the top 23 picks. If the Titans firmly believe that their biggest hole is at guard then grabbing a number one pick this year or next year could be a crafty deal. If neither of the guards fall then there is always a team looking to move back into the first round, and if one of the guards does fall that far then the front office of the Titans looks like geniuses.

Why they should do it: The Vikings need to justify the Percy Harvin trade, and what better way to do that then by grabbing his replacement? Adding a Patterson or an Austin could simulate his production for a much cheaper price. They could also draft a big DT to rebuild the "Williams Wall", but they would likely have to change the name.

*(last 4% is other)

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