Who should the Titans spend their 3rd round compensatory pick on?

Cornerback Cortland Finnegan took a big contract to reunite with former head coach Jeff Fisher in St. Louis, and since the Tennessee Titans didn't get a chance to make a big signing of their own [whether that be missing on Mario Williams :) or Peyton Manning :( ] the Titans have been grated the 97th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Due to the particularly strong depth in this year's draft, I have four players that would be great value for the Titans late in the third, let's meet our contestants...

Tyler Bray QB, Tennessee

I'm not the biggest Tyler Bray fan, but you cannot deny that he has a prototypical NFL frame with some "wow" attributes. In a system where he wouldn't be asked to start year one, Bray could sit in a quarterback room with fellow backup and Harvard alumnus Ryan Fitzpatrick. There he could hopefully learn how to watch film and dissect defenses at an NFL level, and he could give the Titans a true competition at QB in 2014.

Quanterus Smith DE, Western Kentucky

You may not know his name or his team, but this is the defensive lineman that made Alabama RT D.J. Fluker look foolish in their 2012 contest. Smith beat Fluker with a speed rush on many occasions and finished with three sacks in that game. The only reason Smith could fall out of the top 90 is the ACL injury he suffered late in the season. With proper rehab we have seen that ACL injuries can be a non-factor in someone's game (Adrian Peterson) but that stigma will probably still force teams to shy away from him. Getting a hungry pass rusher that is ready to prove himself could be very good for the Titans.

Cobi Hamilton WR, Arkansas

I think the team that drafts Tyler Wilson should jump all over his college safety blanket Cobi Hamilton, but if that team has bigger needs they could elect to go in a different direction. Hamilton is a smooth receiver that has break away speed and consistent hands. With Kendall likely taking over Washington's spot on the outside, Hamilton could push for a starting job early as a big slot receiver with upside.

Brad Wing Pun....just kidding. Darius Slay CB, Mississippi State

Slay has been hidden in the shadow of MSU's number one corner, Johnthan Banks, but some draftniks think he could end up to be the better player a few years down the road. The online community seems to think that he will go early in day two of the NFL Draft, but with DL, WR, DB, and QB positions so deep Slay could easily get lost in the shuffle. Slay ended his senior campaign with five picks, seven deflections and a touchdown so it would be interesting to see him push for a starting job outside and move Verner back to his old SCB role where he was very good.

Let me know what you think, and recommend this story so we can get the conversation going.

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