Possible Titan Steals - 7 Round Draft

I've posted 2 mock's so far and am pretty high on a few guys, but I'm going to try to drop my bias and try to look at this draft like the Titans FO instead of as a fan. As of now the Titans have not singed a free agent DE, BUT if they do it will significantly alter the Titans draft. SO, I'm going to post Draft option A and Draft option B.

Draft A = No free agent DE
Draft B = Elvis, Osi.U or (random DE) has been signed

Again, I'm trying to think like the FO, not as a fan.

Round 1A - D.Jordan DE (Oregon)
OR 1B - C.Patterson WR (UT)
* DJ - pass rush DE/OLB, great size and speed, we all know the details. still my highest ranked DE b/c of his athleticism and potential.
* CP - I'm not kidding here. The Titans will take a long look at him because of the loss of one of their most dangerous weapons in Cook, the possible loss of Nate, they shocked the world with Wright in 2012, contract year for Britt AND the FO has said a number of times that they will take the "right guy" if he is there. They want playmakers. CP is one of the most dynamic ones in this draft class.

Round 2A - L.Warford OG (UK)
OR 2B - A.Brown LB (KSU)
* LW - great guard with incredible pass blocking ability. would be talked about as a round 1 pick if warmack and cooper didn't exist in this draft class.
* AB - surprise pick, but could potentially make an instant impact on the team at LB and special teams. he's smaller, but would be insurance for the entire LB core. he's been predicted to become one of the best ILB's in the NFL.

Round 3A -T.Jefferson FS (OKU)
OR 3B - S.Montgomery DE (LSU)
* TJ - fast safety with pretty good cover skills. could potentially take over the Griffin with a year or two of experience in the league with the faster receivers.
* SM - it's hard to believe that he has fallen all the way to the 3rd round, but he would be a 3rd round steal. incredible pass rusher with good power.

Round 3.compA - C.Carradine DE (FSU)
OR 3.compB - D.Swearinger SS (UGA)
* CC - had a bad knee injury or may be talked about in the first 40 picks. good pass rushing DE that played opposite B.Werner at FSU on a stout D-line
* DS - hard-hitting safety that would give Wilson competition on day 1. good speed that will work hard to take down anything that moves.

Round 4A - T.Kelce TE (Cincy)
OR 4B - T.Mathieu CB (LSU)
* TK - may be the most complete TE in the draft according to many reports. he's definitely not a burner, but has solid hands and can knock d-linemen on their tails with his insane power and size.
* TM - one of the most dynamic DB's in the entire draft. amazing return man and can play any position in the secondary efficiently. will bring attitude to the defense and special teams.

Round 5A - W.Gholston DE (MSU)
OR 5B - L.Bell RB (MSU)
* WG - DE with attitude and great pass rushing ability. has a bit of a past, but everyone deserves a 2nd chance. he would get one in Tennessee on a revamped and improved line. lining up along with Morgan, Wimbley and Jordan would be a crazy upgrade.
* LB - Bell adds the 3rd RB depth that the Titans need. He will complement either CJ or SG if either of the 2 starters goes down. good hands with decent speed, has been known to run over smaller db's

Round 6compA - D.Robinson WR (Mich)
OR 6compB - Z.Motta FS (ND)
* DR - Robinson would be a good addition as a big body in the late rounds. a bigger WR would be nice since the Titans don't have much size in their WR's.
* ZM - Motta was the hard hitter that played behind Teo at Notre Dame. he hits like a wildebeest and has pretty good closing speed to chase down ball carriers.

Round 7A - BW.Webb CB (W&M)
OR 7B - C.Washington OLB/DE (UGA)
* BW - quick CB that may end up being the steal of the draft if he pans out. you can never tell what DII guys are going to do on the biggest stage in the world, but Webb would be worth the chance as a 7th round pick.
* CW - guy is a HUGE insanely fast OLB/DE that can easily cover the Elite TE's that have been killing the Titans for the last 2 years. He's terrible in the run game, but his cover skills more than make up for it.

Round 7compA - R.Smith WR (FSU)
OR 7compB - T.Bond OT (NC)
* RS - another one of those larger WR's that can help the Titans out in the red zone. okay speed, decent hands and can overpower cb's off the line.
* TB - Bond is an interesting OT, but had a decent career at NC. good power so is a good run blocking OT.

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