Where the Titans should go in each round of the 2013 NFL Draft

Tennessee has six picks in the 2013 NFL not including compensatory picks. This is where the Titans should look now that they have addressed some needs in free agency.

Round 1: Chance Warmack OG, Alabama

Ok this one was easy, but why are Titans fans not worried about drafting a guard in the top 10?

First of all, Warmack is in contention to be the best overall player (in terms of talent for the position) in this year's draft. The Alabama stalwart swallowed up SEC pass rushers whole and was a jackhammer in the running game. Warmack is stout and strong, but he doesn't lose any quickness with all of that bulk. All in all the best way to summarize Warmack's style of play in one word is: punishing.

Also, when you have a revolving door at guard where your best option is someone that was cut from the ARIZONA OFFENSIVE LINE, then you have a serious problem.

Dark horse candidate: Kenny Vaccaro S, Texas

It is no secret that the Titans are looking for more safety help and if they feel they can get a quality guard in round two then Vaccaro is an extremely versatile defensive back that fills that need.

Round 2: Tyler Eifert TE, Notre Dame

Complete tight ends don't grow on trees and now that Tennessee has finally gotten rid of the Jared Cook project they can consider an upgrade at this spot. Delanie Walker, Craig Stevens, and Taylor Thompson are all tight ends that prioritize blocking over being a threat in the passing game. Eifert is an above average blocker that also splits seams and (most importantly) has great hands.

Dark horse candidate: Robert Woods WR, USC

Outside receiver isn't a need yet, but the Titans were rumored to have interest in a few slot receivers during free agency. Woods is a dynamic pass catcher that breaks tackles and fights for extra yards.

Round 3: D.J. Swearinger S, South Carolina

If the Titans don't sign Bernard Pollard then they can find his clone in round three in D.J. Swearinger. The former Gamecock is an absolute thumper that is an aggressive, downhill safety with no fear in the run game. If he can keep his hits in the legal range than he could be a very promising role player.

Dark horse candidate: Malliciah Goodman DE, Clemson

Goodman is a long defensive end that showed up when he wanted to last year. If the Titans can get him motivated then he could be a great third down player his rookie year with starter upside.

Round 4: Tyrann Mathieu CB/S LSU

The defensive back formerly known as "Honey Badger" is a playmaker that can line up anywhere on the field. Sure he has had some off the field problems, but at a certain point talent makes it worth the risk. Mathieu can push both Coty Sensabaugh for the nickel back role and Darius Reynaud for the return man job.

Dark horse candidate: Xavier Gooden LB, FSU

Gooden is an up-tempo player that can fill the depth need that the Titans have at linebacker.

Round 5: Ryan Swope WR, Texas A&M

Swope is the classic gritty, over-the-middle receiver that teams like to play in the slot and with Tennessee rumored to have been in the mix with Bradon Gibson and Danny Amendola so you have to concede that they would like to upgrade there. Swope reminds me a little of former Indianapolis Colt Austin Collie and those type of blue-colar players are what come to mind when I think of a "Mike Munchak guy".

Dark horse candidate: William Gholston DE Michigan State

I'm not a fan of Gholston as a starter, but he could definitely by an upgrade as a depth player at LDE on first and second down. He has the size and frame to swat short passes and hold the edge in the run game.

Round 7: Lavar Edwards DE, LSU

Edwards was lost on a talented and deep LSU defensive line, but his tape shows that he could have some untapped upside as a pass rusher. Personally, I don't feel comfortable with Scott Solomon as the second string RDE and if Edwards earned significant playing time at LSU then it is fair to assume that he provided them with something that Sam Montgomery couldn't.

Dark horse candidate: Zeke Motta S, Notre Dame

While Manti Te'o was getting all the attention from the media, Motta was playing the role of enforcer in the backfield. If the Titans don't get Bernard Pollard or D.J. Swearinger this could be a nice plan C.

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