That Facebook Post

Helo evryone, my brian is a litting fried becuz of the facebook stuff, bu I wil try to talk normal as muh s possibel

(Just kidding.)

So, do you guys feel good about free agency so far? I know I do. So good in fact that I decided that I would get on Facebook and find the people that are delusional, and make a post about them for our amusement!

WelshTitan bravely weathered the Facebook storm during darker times to bring us the first incarnation of this fanpost, and he has understandably sworn off doing another one.

So now, let us enjoy this reminder of how awesome it is to actually be part of a Titans community that isn't full of idiots.

Let's start with some truly magical assessments of our offensive line situation:

we don't need offensive line...they were all injured last season...should be ok now

"Webster, you goof! You don't fix an offensive line when they're all healed! You'd make a terrible doctor!"

This off season is a fucking joke... Stop fucking around and spend some damnit money... Just because Cj can't run the ball doesn't mean all we need to worry about is our line.. wtf. Been a loyal Titans fan for my whole life... And you do this shit every damnit year.

See kids, this is what you can expect. When you're a Titans fan for your whole life, you end up saying 'Damnit' so much you forget how to say 'Damn'.

I love all the "Ringer was good" remarks when the guy was injured all but two weeks last year and finished 2011 injured.

Only bad players get injured that much. It's true. This guy on Facebook told me.

I still cant belive we wasted money on sammie hill really he was not even a starter in d town

I know, right? I can't belive it either! How hard can it be to become a starter over scrubs like Suh and Nick Fairley?

Good moves so far now draft Matt Barkley and upgrade that horrible defense

This one was fine until he said "draft Matt Barkley".

Madden 13 tells me yes it is a good

I don't know what he was referencing, but I can totally see a Facebook Titans fan judging whether or not a player is good by using Madden. And it's hilarious.

The titans never sign quality players. We got wimbly last year when we could have got Mario williams.

We got wimbly last year. So wimbly in fact that we wimbled away 10 games. What a wimblin' mess!

wow Kansas City Chiefs making moves to improve. Sure wish you guys would have done the same things

Yeah, players like Donnie Avery and Alex Smith are what true championship teams are made of. You guys suck!

I'm sayin... They need to start blowin sum real $, if the elite free agents would even consider the Titans. C'mon people, the last time we had a roster full of big time player was the last time and only time we made it to the Super Bowl.... True story, tell me I'm wrong.

You're wrong.

it's official, our GM is an STUPID IDIOT!!!! Shopping our most consistent WR on the team!!!!!! Reports to say that our GM is more interested in Rams WR Danny Amendola who is inconsistent, injury-prone, SLOW is beyond me!!!!! Just ridiculous. Our GM looks like our old owner Bud Adams last year pursuing Peyton Manning when we didn't need him. We DON'T need Danny Amendola!!! Danny Amendola I think is overrated because he was the best player on the RAMS squad. Think about that, the RAMS, r they that good, is Danny a difference maker EVEN with Jeff Fisher there in town...NO!!!!!!

And last but not least, we have this masterpiece.

First, I'd like to point out that this is the first time I've seen someone saying 'STUPID IDIOT' and meaning it.

Second, the fact this guy shared most of my previous opinions on Amendola scares the living shit out of me.

Third, I love his emphasis on Danny's inability to perform with the Rams under Jeff Fisher. We Titans fans should know; A Jeff Fisher team always has good receivers. Because Jeff Fisher is such a passing guy. Because Jeff Fisher really turns receivers into weapons. Because Jeff Fisher is WHAT IN THE HELL AM I READING?!

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