2013 NFL Free Agency: Potential Titans Tier 2 Targets?

The Choice could be yours, Mr. Webster. Choose wisely! - Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to look at some tier two free agents that could help

The first wave of free agents hit yesterday with lots of money being paid out. It's time to assess who could be out there in the second tier of players that would help the Titans shore up depth. There are plenty of bargain basement gems unearthed every year and this year is no different. Let's take a look at the most important position to start with, shall we?


  • Jason Campbell Bears - The long time veteran could be brought in to help tutor Jake Locker should restructuring negotiations fail with Matt Hasselbeck. Campbell has seen just about every offensive scheme that's ever been invented during his college and pro career. It's a sad story, Campbell's is. The poor guy can't seem to keep an OC around for more than year. He could be useful for a start or two should Locker go down with an injury. Campbell's game is similar to Locker's so the transition shouldn't be vastly different unlike Locker to Hasselbeck.


  • Leon Washington Seahawks - Washington would help firm up the backup spot after years of inconsistency from that position by various members of this team. He's a dynamic returner as well so the return game would be shored up too. Also a good receiver out of the backfield. Ruston Webster should have a little knowledge about him since he was there in similar time frames.
  • Tashard Choice Bills - The Titans are seemingly on an ex Bills chase this year, why not add another? Choice is a serviceable backup that can help limit CJ's reps. He won't hurt you when he's in either as he substituted decently for Dallas before moving on to Buffalo to back up Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller.


  • Danario Alexander Chargers - see post here
  • Josh Cribbs Browns - see post here
  • Mohamed Massaquoi Browns - Here's a guy who needs a decent quarterback to help him succeed. He's been the merry go round of Cleveland quarterbacks which hasn't helped his development. Massaquoi would be a decent signing and wouldn't cost the Titans much. He's still only 26 years old so plenty of time to develop with Locker. The injury history is concerning though.
  • Brandon Gibson Rams - Arguably Sam Bradford's favorite weapon after Danny Amendola got hurt again. Like Massaquoi, only 26 years old and will likely knock Washington off the team.


  • Matt Shaughnessy Raiders - A cap casualty of the Raiders, where have we heard this before, right? He's a decent pass rusher that could bolster the backup depth that the Titans desperately need.
  • Jarious Wynn Titans - A return engagement for Wynn perhaps? He didn't look half bad when he was in there for precious few reps.
  • Vance Walker Falcons - He played well inside for the Falcons and likely was their best at the position. A hometown product that went on to play college and pro instate for Georgia Tech and Falcons. Likely to stay home because of the hometown pull.


  • Connor Barwin OLB Texans - A still young (26) product coming off a fluky bad year and could be rotated with Zach Brown or Akeem Ayers on the outside during pass rush situations. What better than to steal from the division favorites, right?
  • Victor Butler OLB Cowboys - He played well with his few reps sitting behind star DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer. A Delanie Walker type for the defense just waiting for a shot somewhere to get playing time. Another guy who could rotate with Brown and Ayers on pass rushing situations. Just 26 years old.
  • Rey Maualuga ILB Bengals - A cap casualty because the Bengals couldn't afford him with Michael Johnson getting the franchise tag. He could be a good backup and spot starter/heir apparent when Colin McCarthy inevitable goes down with yet another injury. A tackling machine he is.
  • Zac Diles ILB Titans - Perhaps the Titans were impressed enough with him in his very short Titans stint to bring him back for another go.


  • Keenan Lewis CB Steelers - A first time starter in 2012 thanks to injuries in the secondary, he acquitted himself well, allowing just a shade over 52% completion rate against him. 27 years old and would be a good 3rd corner.
  • Antoine Winfield CB Vikings - The old veteran war horse may have a year or two left in the tank and would provide a veteran leadership to the young secondary along with Wilson. He's had a good career and could stick as the nickel corner.
  • Nnmadi Asomugha CB Eagles - It was to be expected that Asomugha would be cut on the first day of free agency due to age and regression. He still has a little bit left in the tank and should be signed for cheap considering all the factors of his untimely regression. Should the Titans look at him? Only if the price is right. Asomugha really struggled in the Eagles' man heavy schemes and could be fit for the Titans' predominant zone scheme.
  • Gerald Sensabaugh S Cowboys - Could the Titans make like the Braves and have a family reunion? Sensabaugh is good in coverage but doesn't play the run well, He could be out of the Titans asking price as he has some years left and is looking to start.
  • Michael Huff S Raiders - Yet another Raiders cap casualty, do they ever run out of those? He could be an intriguing option and could play corner in a pinch. Could a Texas reunion revitalize Michael Griffin's hopes of reclaiming his lost potential of yesteryear?
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