Who I want to see in Titan blue in 2013...

So the Titan's have a few needs. These are some of the upgrades I would personally like to see in Nashville from both Free Agency and the draft.

First - Team Needs, then I'll put the top 3-4 options from Free Agency and the Draft.

5 - RB
CJ looked pretty good last year, but he needs a legitimate backup. A bruising back would be a great compliment to CJ's running style. The current backs on the Titans roster leave much to be desired so any of the guys on these 2 lists would be welcome editions to the Titans roster. I have no problem with signing Hillis as he could easily double as a FB. I personally want to see Lattimore as the Titans new bruiser, he should be available still in round 3 or 4 and the Titans should have 2 3rd round picks.
...Free Agents available - R.Bush, F.Jones, P.Hillis.
...The Draft - M. Ball, M.Lattimore, E.Lacy

4 - TE/WR
If Cook leaves, there will be a huge need for the Titans in the slot. Britt still has some issues, but when he's healthy (and not being a moron) he's an elite WR and has the potential to be as dangerous as Fitz or Green. My ideal solution here is signing B.Hartline or F.Davis to take up the slack of losing Cook, but if we don't get one of those players I would like to see #1 - R.Woods if available in round 2 or D.Rogers as a late 3rd or 4th round pick.
...Free Agents available - G.Jennings, D.Bowe, B.Hartline, F.Davis(TE)
...The Draft - J.Reed, D.Rogers, R.Woods, T.Williams(Baylor)

3 -DE
The pass rush this last season was just sad. ANY of the guys I list below would be a welcomed edition to the Titans D. You'll notice that I didn't put a DT on this list, because the Titans have made it known that they really like their current DT's, but there is one DT that I can see the Titans taking a shot at if he's available at pick 10 and that's Star Lotulelei. Lotulelei, is my favorite pick if we cannot get Bennett or Umenyiora in free agency, but I would be happy to see Ansah, Jordan or Montgomery as the Titans 2nd round pick.
...Free Agents available - M.Johnson(CIN), M.Bennett (TB), O.Umenyiora
...The Draft - S.Lotulelei, E.Ansah, D.Jordan, S.Montgomery

2 -S/CB
There are a TON of guys available here, but I'm going to only put in guys that I feel would be good fits with the Titans or that have potential as 5 year players for them. Most in Titan nation would be thrilled to see any of the 3 big FA's in Titan blue especially Goldson or Byrd. I put in T.Mathieu because I feel he would be an excellent converted SS.
...Free Agents available - D.Rodgers-Cromartie, D.Goldson, J.Byrd,
...The Draft - M.Elam, B.Rambo, E.Reid, T.Mathieu

1 - O-Line
The Titans line was ranked in the top 8 for a number of years in a row until 2 seasons ago. They have significantly lost their edge, but that can be fixed in no time at all with the addition of (and this is a dream here) J.Long and C.Warmack. They have the cap space for Long and the number 10 pick for Warmack. Those 2 pick ups would make the Titans O-line the best line in the NFL, by a long shot... no pun intended.
...Free Agents available - J.Long, B.Albert
...The Draft - C.Warmack, D.Thomas, K.Long, L.Warford

My ideal Draft for the Titans is -
round 1 - S.Lotulelei/C.Warmack
round 2 - M.Elam/R.Woods/(or any of the 3 DE's)
round 3 - T.Mathieu/D.Rogers/L.Warford
round 4 - M.Lattimore/T.Williams WR(Baylor)

Like most Titans fans we could talk about this hot ghetto mess for hours, but I would like everyone's thoughts about who they would like to see in Titan blue. Peace Titan Nation.

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