Guys lets be honest, Titans need a few pieces in order to compete with the good teams in the nfl, but lets look at what we really need some star power at in order to start consistently winning games again. First off we have stars at the WR, RB, TE, LB, and Safety positions. While not all of you agree CJ, Britt, Cook, Brown, Ayers, and Griffen can all be

gamechangers and if you look at the SB, both teams have game changers at every position. I know y'all will call me a

hater butI don't have faith in Jake Locker, but I am willing to give him another year to prove me wrong. Now we need

playmakersat the D-line and CB position. We have some great potential in Morgan if the guy could stay healthy but in

football that's not always going to happen. Now we can address these 2 positions pretty easily in the NFL draft. While

everyone andtheir mom is salivating over Milliner, I propose we target the other great SEC corner in Jonathan Banks. He

isn't as heavyweight wise but he has all the tools needed to be a great NFL corner. The D-line playmaker can be filled in

this draft as well. While no one usually picks a 3rd-4th rounder to be there savior at DE, I would like y'all to go watch film

on Brandon Jenkins. The guy was amazing during his time at FSU before he tore his ACL in the first game of the season.

If Jenkins hadn't of gotten hurt, we would be talking about him instead of Bjorn Werner.

From what I went back a looked at was also the idea we don't need to waste a high draft pick on a safety. Markelle Martin was hurt all year but should be back this year. The guy was rated really high before his injury. I believe he could fill Babineaux's spot with relative ease. Mix in the vets Griffen, Verner, and McCourty with the rookie Banks and sophomore Martin, our secondary would be set. Now we all know the big wrinkle in the Titans game is the o-line. There are a few interesting FAs possibly coming out that could give a boost. Everyone on here seems to love the idea of drafting Warmack at 10. I hate the idea of drafting a gaurd that high. While he is a beast I am sure Matthews and Munchy can coach any good draft pick into a starter.

Now from what I read around here was that the Titans might be getting 3 comp picks, a 3 or 4, 5, 7. That would put us at 9 picks total and would give us almost everything we need to draft the playmakers we need, we not make a SB but playoffs is possible. If we miss again this next year then we will be trying to find a new GM and coaching staff.

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