Draft mocks Titans Warmack and Te'o



I was catching up on my twitter feed and caught Ryan McCrystal from discussing his Titans mocked picks of Chance Warmack at 10 and Manti Te'o with our second round pick. Wow! First time I've seen something like that. I have seen Te'o mocked to the Ravens at 32 and falling into the early 2nd. So its possible. What do you guys think?

And before you think, who is Ryan McCrystal and Its one of the most reputable and widely published draft resources. The Huddle Report has Draft Ace ranked as the number one accurate Top 100 Big Boards over the last 5 years. The boards from various sites are scored by the number of top 100 prospects actually picked in the first 100 picks of the draft. D.A. averaged out to 83. (Kiper was ranked 13th) As a side note, its interesting to see which draft websites are the most reliable. Click here for the ranking if your interested.

His commentary on the Warmack pick:

10. Tennessee Titans – Chance Warmack – OG – Alabama – Scouting Report
The Titans need to improve the protection for Jake Locker and upgrade the interior run blocking for Chris Johnson. Warmack would help solve both issues and could be a dominant force on the line for the next decade. It’s rare to see a guard go in the top 10, but the rookie wage scale now makes it reasonable for teams to simply draft the best available player, and Warmack fits that description here.

Here is what McCrystal had to say on Twitter about taking a guard at #10.

  1. In regards to talk of Warmack/Cooper going in top10. Comparing them to where OGs used to go isnt fair. Rookie wage scale changes everything

  2. Feb 14

    didn't stop Decastro from falling in 20's. Still think Warford goes in Top 10 though (Tennessee)

  3. Feb 14

    DeCastro a notch below Warmack as a prospect. Possibly below Cooper also

  4. Feb 14

    Amazing. Last year people claimed he was most polished guard since Faneca. Warmack is the real deal though

Feb 14

A lot of unwarranted hype with Stanford o-line prospects. Luck helped them look good. Both DeCastro and Martin "fell" in draft

More reasoning on taking a guard early, especially Warmack. .

People arguing that OG isn't "impactful" enough of a position to take in top 10... then why do teams hand out big contracts to elite guards?

10th pick in 2012 signed for 4-yrs, $12.1M... Carl Nicks signed 5-yrs, $47.5M... so if Warmack/Cooper are that type of player, it's worth it

If Warmack is the top player on your board, you take him. And someone will take him very high this year. Guaranteed to go in top half of 1st

Let's stop using DeCastro as an example of how valuing of guards hasn't changed. DeCastro and Warmack not in the same class.

Iupati went 17th pre-wage scale. That's a better comparison for Warmack.

Agree. Might grade out as a top 5 player, but value of his position means drafted somewhere in the teens.

agreed. I think 10th or 11th is very realistic though to TEN or SD. Could also see DAL or STL moving up a few slots

wow this OG-value debate is lively... Will be interesting to see what happens. Warmack is truly elite, so it would be a good test case

McCrystal didn't give a commentary on his Te'o selection for the Titans in his mock draft...but he did make the following comments in a twitter conversation:

  1. enjoyed the mock. Interesting dilemma for if it plays out that Teo is available in round 2. Deep talent for 3 rounds

Feb 14

thanks.. probably not a position they'd reach for, but value is there and would be upgrade over McCarthy

Hide conversation 3:13 a.m. - Feb 14, 2013 · Details Tweet texImage will appear as a link
  1. Feb 14

    agreed. McCarthy was awful and injury prone. Need help up middle at MLB and S. Teo would complement ZBrown and Ayers well

So there you go. An interesting mock. I would be happy with Te'o in the 2nd. What about you? Our FO does seem to value value, and Te'o at 40 would be great value.

Agree or disagree McCrystal's reasoning for the merits of taking Warmack at 10? Will the Titans be the Test Case on taking an elite guard so high up in the draft? A couple things we know, Warmack is a consensus elite player. He also makes top athletes lists for 2013 draft. An athletic and elite prospect at a major position of need sounds too good to be true... the only question, is it worth it? Will our FO pull the trigger if he's there?

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