The One Stat That Makes Me Want Munch Gone

In 5 of our 8 losses to date (Texans, Seahawks, Colts, Colts, Broncos), we have been leading at half time. The 3 others that we lost were San Fran & Chiefs (better teams) and the Jaguars (which is just a ridiculous and utter fail of a loss).

This is the most upsetting thing about this team to me for this season. There is a seriously lacking skill for making adjustments with this coaching staff. We should have, without a doubt, beaten the Jags, Texans, and Colts both times. Denver is just a better team. We could have won today but in reality, it was not likely. The common factor in the 4 games we should have won? Division games.

On top of choking games away that should have been won, 4 of the 5 are divisional opponents. These are the teams we are supposed to be most comfortable with in seeing them twice a year. How do you not have enough tape on them to make proper adjustments at half-time? There is no excuse for losing these games, let alone 4 of them, when you are leading at the half.

This, seemingly, has been the same song and dance for the Titans, year in and year out. Constantly letting up on the gas instead of going for the throat and putting a team away on offense and defense.

This is why we need an entirely new staff that is not part or has not been involved in this organization before. I love Munch as a person but it is over. He flat-out is not getting the job done. Loggains may be a decent OC one day, but it is not today. Gray and Williams have been very good this season, for the most part, but chances are a new HC is going to want his guys as D coaches. That is something that we will have to deal with.

This team has many attractive parts. On offense, Hunter and Wright are going to be a dangerous combo for years to come. Warmack, Schwenke, and Levitre are not sub-par and will continue to grow together given the right coaching. Walker is a very solid TE and he has impressed me the most this year on the offensive side of the ball. He just makes us better. It is probably time to start thinking about replacing our tackles in the near future and adding a third WR because Nate isn't going to be around much longer. Cj is attractive to a new HC because you can either keep him and try to use him more to his skill set or cut him and free up money for more pieces.

The QB position is up in the air. I love Jake and think he has the potential to be great but his injuries certainly scare me. A new HC, again, may want to go with his guy and either sign a FA veteran or draft/trade for younger guy they think is a franchise QB ala Kirk Cousins. They could always keep Locker and bring someone in and have a competition and a plan b if Jake gets hurt for a third time.

On the defensive side of the ball we need to resign Verner no questions asked. We also need to resign Pollard because this defense needs his attitude and he clearly made Griffen much better being at his side. Half of the penalties he gets are because he is a football player and the league has it out for him. He doesn't make bone headed mistakes often. We have a Zach Brown who can be a stud. Ayers is serviceable and still young. He has not impressed that much this year but with better coaching he could be special. Casey is an absolute monster up front for us. We need to find a MLB and a pass rusher on the edge. I am fine with Morgan because he is a decent player that doesn't really cost your team by being out there but he isn't a game changer either.

This team has some holes to fill but not nearly as many as last year. With better coaching our good players could become great.

So the question is, what type of coach do we want? Personally, I do not care if he is offensive or defensive minded. He just better bring some damn good coordinators with him to bring out the true potential of our talent.

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