Not Sold on Locker as Franchise QB here's why......

As we all know Locker is an awesome guy, great leader, family man, has great work ethic, and for 3 games he was a consistent QB that didn't turn the ball over. But the fact that still remains is that he can't stay healthy. As much as we love Locker we have to realize that Franchise QBs stay healthy. Everyone knows that he's already been hurt the past two seasons and is due 15 mil for his final year of his contract, which at this moment there's no way he's worth it.

I'm going to list some of the most successful QB in the NFL as well as the seasons they have missed to show that you a Franchise QB is a healthy QB. QB's that are hurt and miss significant time usually get released and are not considered Franchise QBs.

Jake Locker: 3 seasons 2 partial seasons missed, sacked 46 times

1. Peyton Manning:16 seasons 1 season missed which resulted in Release, Played with 2 Teams. sacked 270 times

2. Tom Brady: 14 seasons 1 season missed, sacked 343 times

3. Drew Breez: 13 seasons never missed between 2 teams, sacked 271 times

4. Cam Newton: 3 seasons never missed, sacked 214 times

5. Eli Manning: 10 seasons never missed, sacked 252 times

6. Philip Rivers: 10 years never missed, sacked 250 times

7. Big Ben: 10 seasons never missed! Except for a couple games for minor injuries, sacked 386 times

8. Matt Ryan: 6 seasons never missed, sacked 157 times

9. Tony Romo: 11 seasons missed 1 partial season, sacked 213 times

10. Aaron Rodgers: 9 seasons missed 1 partial season, sacked 232 times

11. Andy Dalton: 3 seasons never missed, sacked 99 times

12. Matthew Stafford: 5 seasons, missed 1 partial season, sacked 116 times

So as you can see only 5 of 12 Successful QBs have missed time and very minimal time at that, therefore not putting a strain on their franchises. And only 1 was injured and missed time early in their careers. The sacks show that these guys do get hit a lot and that's not even counting the hits they take on hurries, or rushing attempts. You have to be a durable person.

So based on this trend Locker is already well behind the power curb and it would take a serious leap of faith for him to finish his career out injury free. Most guys who sustain multiple injuries that cause them to miss significant time usually continue to get injured and miss time. Matt Shaub would be the prime example.

These are just the facts and why I'm worried about our current QB situation.

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