Should the Tennessee Titans start Tyler Wilson and others

Mike Zarrilli

The Titans have nothing to lose, but they do have something to gain by starting Wilson and other young players.

The Titans have talked about getting revenge against the Jacksonville Jaguars this week, but that is a short-sighted way to look at this game. The Titans really need to be playing for the future, and should open everything up to competition.


Ryan Fitzpatrick had a decent game last week, but it was against a banged up defensive backfield and he still threw two game-killing interceptions. Everyone knows what Fitzpatrick is, he is the guy that can come in and sling the ball around, but he will turn the ball over at least once in a ball game. With that in mind, the Titans should let Rusty Smith or Tyler Wilson play.

The Titans need to figure out where they are going with the number two and three QB spots right now. Cutting Fitzpatrick this offseason will save around $3.5 million, and if Tyler Wilson can play up to that level (or at least show that kind of potential) the Titans can make a lateral move while saving $3.5 million in cap.

Offensive Tackle

I just wrote something about how Stewart should be gone, but the question is: is his replacement in house? Mike Otto has had a great preseason, but when he was thrown into the fire he didn't exactly shine. Another possible replacement is Byron Stingily. Stingily came in to the NFL heralded as a sleeper offensive tackle that could develop and turn into an above average prospect. Well, if that is true then now is the time to show it against a Jaguars pass rush with no teeth and a true test against the Texans in the final week of the season.


The Titans have made the move to place Coty Sensabaugh on IR, which could open the door for Blidi-Wreh Wison to step up. BWW had a great pre-draft evaluation, and I thought that (before Verner's emergence) he could be a starter opposite McCourty. If BWW has a nice couple of games, and if Verner demands top-5 money, this could be a good way for him to get his feet wet.

Wide Receiver

Michael Preston isn't the same as every other player on this list, but he deserves to be mentioned. The sure-handed WR has a certain presence and composure in the redzone that needs to be further evaluated. If the Titans decide to bench Kenny Britt and suit up five WRs (Hunter, Wright, Washington, Williams, Preston) then it could be Preston's chance to earn his spot next year.

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