Fantasy Football Focus: Week 10: Bye Week Replacements

***Opening Rant with New York Nick***

One Week Wonders
We all do it, we all sit and watch these one week wonders put up huge numbers. Instantly, we think to ourselves that come Tuesday we must put in our bid, because this is next coming of Jerry Rice or Emmitt Smith. My thought process for break out superstars is negative, and I usually wouldn’t waste my time or waiver request number to pursue them. But after seeing Marvin Jones put up 122 yards and 4 td's, and Riley Cooper drop 139 yards with 3 td’s, even I put in my bid. Of course the fantasy gods laughed and denied my request, just to bring me back to reality. The next week Marvin Jones didn’t even find the end zone, and guaranteed Riley Cooper won’t have the same performance for the rest of his career. Stop allowing the media rerun clips of glitter every 30 minutes to lure you into something you might regret. Stop allowing the media to send you mental text messages and voice mails, bullying you as though they were as powerful as Richard Incognito (had to go there, it’s ridiculous). My advice, stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to, stick to the players that have gotten you this far for so many years. ~ New York Nick

"I seen a rainbow yesterday".…in my Left Eye voice…..but I digress…..

What up Football Family?!? Welcome to week 10 of the fantasy football season! Four more teams on bye (New England, New York Jets, Kansas City, Cleveland), and a significant qb injury, have most of us scrambling for replacements. Good news! The Boys are back in the house with that fantasy news you can use for week 10.

Case Keenum: QB, Houston

If you're down Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers this week (we'll do a separate blog for those who are starting any of those other bye week qbs), then Houston's Case Keenum makes for a solid week 10 play. Keenum scorched a solid Colts defense for 376 total yards and 3 td's last week. Since taking over for Matt Scrub...I mean...Shaub two weeks ago, Keenum has totaled over 600 yards passing and 4td's. The Texans are beat up at rb, so Case will have to show off his arm once again this week against the Cardinals, who by the way, are giving up 254 yards a game through the air.

Terrelle Pryor: QB, Oakland

If Keenum is already snatched up, then Oakland's Terrelle Pryor will make for a nice plan B. Last week, Pryor put up over 380 combined yards against Philly. Yes, Pryor is a spatula (turn over specialist), but he more than makes up for it with his legs...racking up 200 yards on the ground the last two weeks alone. Pryor has a good shot to maintain those numbers this week against the Giants, who are giving up over 240 yards per game through the air, and 100 yards per game on the ground.

***Big Mike's Match Ups***

Rashard Mendenhall: RB, Arizona

Mendenhall returned to practice Monday, his injured toe appears to be healed, and he's set to start this week against Houston. Although back up Andre Ellington will steal some carries, Mendenhall will still get the early down and goal line touches. That's important because Mendenhall has found the end zone two of the past three weeks. Both td's were against top 5 defenses. Houston is 18th against the run, giving up 115 yards a game on the ground. Solid replacement match up.

Marlon Brown: WR, Baltimore

Brown put up 5/54/2 against a tough Browns secondary last week. Both td's were in the red zone, making him a player with upside for week 10. The Ravens run game is it? Brown has 5 td's his last 7 games, so it's safe to assume that Joe Flacco will look for Brown in the red zone again this week.

***Going Deep with DP***

Josh McCown: QB, Chicago

McCown acted a fool in front of a national audience last Monday night, torching the Packers for 292 total yards and 2 td's. Since taking over for injured starting qb Jay Cutler, McCown has put up over 500 yards, 3 td's, and no picks. Because of this, the Bears...and even Cutler himself, are hinting to take another week off. If Cutler sits, then McCown is a solid week 10 play. Detroit, this week's opponent, is giving up 272 yards a game through the air.

Andre Brown: RB, New York Giants

For my 12 - 16 team ballers, we're about to go DEEP DEEP with New York Giants rb Andre Brown. The Giants have confirmed that Brown will make his long awaited return this week, and by all accounts, will be immediately inserted into the starting lineup. Conditioning will be an issue, so Brown's touches may be limited this week. But look for Brown to emerge as a solid sleeper to add for your stretch run.

***Homer Alert***

If you are an owner of, and plan to start Atlanta qb Matt Ryan this week, then friend...are on homer alert. Matty Ice has turned into Matty Spatula, handicapping his owners with 7 int's the past two weeks. There are several reasons for that, most of which aren't Ryan's fault. But don't look for the Seahawks defense to lend a shoulder to cry on. Seattle has a league high 13 interceptions...a huge reg flag to stay away this week.

Be sure to check out Big Mike's College Picks this Saturday morning.....

Life is a always play to win! Good Luck!!

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