Trying to Take A Rational Approach to the HC Situation..pls respond

I am at a loss like every other die hard on this site, and I do not have any idea whether or not the Titans have a run in them this year, next year, or ever. I do entirely resent the "We need a change, because this is not working," attitude. Here are my critical questions, and answers...would love to hear arguments and some feedback...there are no Titan fans around where I live, and this is the only place I can really sound off to people who follow the club.

Are we trending in the right direction?

I would argue, yes. 3 years ago we got rid of almost our whole roster, including the HC, coordinators, and qbs except for Rusty. We have been more competitive in more games this year than in the past 2 years. We have more pieces now than before. Britt, CJ, Griff, Wimbley, are expendable, relatively pricey players that are freeing up cap space. Casey, maybe a couple of linebackers, Verner, J-Mac, Morgan, are nice places to start on D. A potential change at coordinator seems like a move to me. Especially with more and more defensive minds being dumped as head coaches. Lovie and Rex are guys that come to mind.

Do we have pieces to build around?

(See above). The QB situation is becoming more of an issue, but I say yes. This regime has developed players nicely, and that is a crucial component when it comes to FOs/HCs IMO.

Are we equipped to gut the whole thing?

Hopefully not. Nothing is promised in this league, and unless shit absolutely hits the need to build around what you have. Shit has not hit the fan yet.

Do we have a replacement ready?

It would be hard to argue with the new ownership team firing Munch and hiring a "hot" college guy: Bill O'brien, Nick Saban, or the Stanford guy are the only 3 I would be particularly interested in right now.

A defensive mind who has never proven to manage consistent offensive play would be an awfully questionable move. Bringing in Lovie Smith, Rob Ryan, or such would be a real reach. I think Gregg Williams is as good of a mind as any of those guys, and unless he bolts for another position, keep him, and get him what he needs to run a great D.

The article on here about Mike Tomlin was nauseating. That guy has been able to develop almost zero talent in Pittsburgh, and that franchise is in serious trouble when their QB retires.

Cowher, Gruden, Etc. is a celebrity hire. Those guys had losing runs in their respective homes too, and I dont think they want to come here, put in the work, and the game has arguably passed them by.

Other than a top notch college coach, the only rational argument is the give up on Jake, draft a QB, and start over argument. In which case I would be open to giving Josh McDaniels another shot, possibly Kyle Shanahan, possibly Brian Schotenheimer (sp?), or some other strong offensive mind. However, I am not really ready to give up on Jake unless we are headed towards a veteran answer...namely Jay Cutler. I have been impressed with Dowell, and would like him to stay.

The keep losing to the worst teams argument...

Well, we have lost 3 heartbreaking games to 3 bad teams that play in our division this season. Yes, we have lost to the worst club in the league the past 3 years. This is not a reason to fire a coach. For coaches, quarterbacks, FOs, or anyone to be successful they need to be judged by larger bodies of work. Yes, Munch could be fired this season, and yes I could be on board, but every team loses to bad teams. It is why there are 7 4-win teams in the conference. Advanced metrics point to the gap being drastically bridged between us and the top of the division. "Wins are wins" argument is great, but then a new team wins, and that argument turns into "It was only a matter of time, the Titans are a young team and they are starting to turn it around."

This is a copy-cat league, who do we want to be copying?

The Bengals & dare I say it, the Texans are the clubs that our FO seems to be emulating. Despite the Texans fall this season, both of those clubs were rewarded for sticking with their coaches when everyone thought they should be fired. Both of those teams have been able to make it through with league average quarterback play. Particularly the Bengals are a team that we should be looking towards. They were able to build a nice roster, and finally had a playmaker turn into a real game changer, and since then have been able to develop a strong program and some better seasons.


I think the next 6 games will say something, but not everything about where Munch sits. The fire Munch campaign that takes place on this site makes it a difficult destination in the mornings. Heck, I do love it here though. My point is that if we are going to get rid of Munch, we best have a good plan in place. That plan may involve taking a step back, or two, or three, and I may not be one with that.

Thank you..and here is to a win @ Oak.

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