A Simple Message to the Tennessee Titans: Rally or you’re done.



Can the Tennessee Titans make something of this season or are they destined to flame out? Let this serve as a call to arms.

Last week, I made the call to Titans’ fans everywhere: Dream Big. Well, I dreamed big and my dream turned into a nightmare. So…that was awesome. But that’s the risk you take when you dream big. Sometimes those dreams don’t pan out. Sometimes, dreams fall apart and we are left with broken hearts and battered souls. Titans’ fans are very familiar with the aforementioned feelings.

Mediocrity. It’s one of my least favorite words. Last week, I urged fans to hope for something more than mediocrity. We all know how that turned out. Mediocrity knocked down our door, kicked us in the crotch, and then proceeded to sit on our couch, flirt with our wives, and eat all our food. It’s living in our house now, and to be honest, that makes me really angry. I hate it and I want no part of it, but it seems the Titans are destined to spend as much time with Mediocrity as humanly possible. The only way for the Titans to kick Mediocrity out, is to rally around each other and make something of this season.

That starts with the coaches. Let me be blunt here: Your plan sucks. You want to be a ground and pound team. You want to have a dominate Offensive Line and a power running game. You have neither of those things. In fact, those are probably two of the biggest weakness of your team. Stop trying to be something that you are not. You have a talented running back in Chris Johnson, who if used correctly, can impact every single game. But you have decided to use him in ways that highlight his deficits and hide his positives. That’s stupid. Stop it.

While we are on this topic, two Hall of Fame Offensive Lineman as coaches should be able to get this O-Line to play better than they have so far. I don’t know what can be done at this point, with the injuries and the lack of time playing together, but if anyone should be able to figure it out, it’s Bruce Matthews and Mike Munchak. Figure it out soon, because if you don’t, you won’t get many more chances in the future.

Dowell Loggains: Use your weapons. Find ways to get the ball to your skill players. Be creative. For the love of all that is holy, form an identity! An offense with Chris Johnson, Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter, Nate Washington, and Delanie Walker should not be struggling like this. I’m not suggesting, or even expecting, the Titans to have a top 5 offense. But what we have seen so far is inexcusable, offensive (the bad way) , and downright embarrassing. Fix it.

Based on the comments after the game, it’s clear that many players on this team are angry. Good. They should be. I hope they are ashamed as well. I hope that anger and that shame spur them to play harder tonight. This is an “all hands on deck” type of game. Everyone needs to bring their "A" game. The team needs to give 110%. (What other cliché can I use here?) The Titans don’t get many opportunities to be seen by a national audience. Take advantage of that. The last thing this team and this fan-base needs, is for the Titans to go out and piss their pants in front of the country. Figuratively or literally. If anyone is going to be pissing their pants, it needs to be Andrew Luck when Jurrell Casey is finished with him. And I mean that both figuratively and literally. Especially literally. (That’s enough about pissing. I promise I won’t talk about pissing any more.)

This is it. If this team wants to have any hope of redeeming this season, it has to start tonight. They lose this game, and the dumpster is officially on fire. Gentlemen, don’t start that fire.

Rally. Rally around each other. Rally for your teammates. Rally for your coaches. Rally for the city of Nashville that has put up with too much crap from this team for far too long. Rally for this fan-base because it deserves better. Rally.

Bonus Message to Ryan Fitzpatrick: Don’t turn the ball over. Don’t turn the ball over. Don’t turn the ball over. Don’t turn the ball over. (I can do this all day.) Don’t turn the ball over. Don’t turn the ball over. Seriously, don’t turn the ball over. (This isn’t a joke.) Don’t turn the ball over.

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