Titans - Rams: Ask Turf Show Times

So the Titans have decided to pay a visit on their former coach? Barbecues, beer and good times in the offing, eh? The game Sunday actually pits two evenly matched teams. According to, both are ranked similarly in many regards.

I'm an Editor and writer for Turf Show Times; the SBNation site for all things St. Louis Rams. The team and fan base are coming off an impressive LOSS to the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night. How can a loss be impressive, you ask? It's not. I was just trying for a little spin on how things turned out. At 3-5, the Rams need all the spin they can get in the tough NFC West.

So what do the Titans have ahead of them? Well, based on the Seahawks game, they could be facing a Rams defense that's finally come to life. Many thought this defensive unit would be among the elite - top 5-ish - in the NFL during the preseason. But the whole "run defense" thing was somehow overlooked by new defensive coordinator Tim Walton. "OK, I thinks we got everything covered, so let's start the season! Remember guys, only tackle the guys who catch passes, or it's one of those penalty things. Especially if they're wearing a crown on their helmet... Then you got to wave your arms at 'em, and I think you gots' to let 'em run by you. I think they're royalty, because Rodger Goodell is really big about the crown thing..."

Yes, as lowly as the Rams defense has been, against the Seahawks we saw the kind of swarming behavior Rams' fans became accustom to in 2012. They played with eight men in the box, and virtually shut down the Seattle offense. Robert Quinn and Chris Long each had three sacks, and Marshawn Lynch was a complete non-entity.

On the offensive side of the ball, you may have heard Sam Bradford won't be around during the rest of this season? Sadly left with Kellen Clemens at quarterback, he threw two of the worst interception I've ever seen, and managed to blow five chances from the one yard line to lose the Seattle game. I bet you think I'm a Clemens fan, right? Well, this is one of those "If all you got is lemons, make Clemonade..." Er, uh... Well, you get what I mean, eh?

The Rams' running game showed signs of life Monday, racking up 200 rushing yards against the #2 defense in the NFL. But the guy who had 134 of those yards sprained his ankle - Zac Stacy - so who knows which running back you'll see Sunday? On the passing side, we have "Das Zitrone" throwing citrus around to Tavon Austin, Brian Quick, Austin Pettis, Chris Givens, and a guy you may have heard of before: Jared Cook. While all but Chris Givens are guys the Titans defensive secondary really don't have to worry about, Mr. Cook is... OK, you don't really need to worry much about him either, now that I think about it? His first game of the year was outstanding - 141 receiving yards and two touchdowns - against a very good Arizona Cardinals defense. But teams appear to have the book on him now, plus Rams' offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer may actually have forgotten he's on the roster. He does the whole "I could have called who's number on the last play? What's he look like?"

But enough about the Rams' whimsical titches: tell me about the Titans? It looked like Jake Locker was off to a decent start before the injury bug hit him. How's the fan base embracing Locker long term? Speaking of "long term", what are the odds Chris Johnson will be on the roster next year given his medium production this season, and his huge contract?

KENNY BRITT... Come on! I had to throw his name out there, right? It was rumored the Titans were shopping him before the recent NFL trade deadline? How are the rest of the Titans' receivers looking so far?

Your defense has turned things around since 2012. What players have stepped up most this season? Last year, the Titans were ranked 9th in quarterback sacks, while this season they've slide down a touch. Is it the defensive scheme, or did you lose key players in the off season?

I'll be around - off and on - the remainder of the week to answer your questions, and ask a few more too. I'll also be inviting Turf Show Times regulars to drop in to help me. Should any of them forget they are guests here at MCM, let me know...

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