Jerlindsey's Weekly Picks! (Week 5)

Week Five

"Completely biased and from the gut!"

Dang. Went 9-6 last week. That puts me at 40-23 for the year so far. A few wins surprised me. The Browns beating Cincinnati and the Bills beating Baltimore were the two wins that stood out to me the most. Being in another country didn't help the Steelers suck there's that. Well enough of the small talk...onto my picks!

Buffalo vs Cleveland

Winner: Buffalo

Reason: Buffalo has actually been kind of surprising me this year. The Browns have been surprising me the past two weeks. They are still the Browns I'll take the Bills.

New England vs Cincinnati

Winner: Cincinnati

Reason: I'm not the biggest New England fan (I hate them), and I really want them to lose.

Detroit vs Green Bay

Winner: Green Bay

Reason: Green Bay had a bye week last week. The week before they lost to Cincinnati. Green Bay returns from the break back at home and against a division rival. It's gonna be a tough win, but I think Green Bay will come out as the victors.

Seattle vs Indianapolis

Winner: Seattle

Reason: It's Seattle. They almost lost last week to (ugh) the Texans, but, well...we all know what happened (BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!).

Baltimore vs Miami

Winner: Miami

Reason: Baltimore couldn't beat Buffalo, and Miami (to me) is tougher to play against than Buffalo.

New Orleans vs Chicago

Winner: New Orleans

Reason: I think I've said it every week so far...Drew. Brees.

Philadelphia vs New York (Giants)

Winner: Philadelphia

Reason: God the Giants suck.

Kansas City vs Tennessee

Winner: Tennessee

Reason: KANSAS CITY IS UNDEFEATED!!!1111 THEIR DEFENSE IS SO GUUUD!!!111 HOUSTON!!!1111 It really wasn't that easy for me to pick Tennessee to win this game. It isn't even me being a homer...just for some reason I see my boys in two toned blue pulling out the W. It is gonna be a hard fought game, but I have faith that Fitz will show why he is a viable backup to our boy Locker. WIN FOR JAKE!!

Jacksonville vs St. Louis

Winner: St. Louis

Reason: Ha ha....hahaha....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Carolina vs Arizona

Winner: Carolina

Reason: Why not?

Denver vs Dallas

Winner: Denver

Reason: Peyton Manning is straight pwning.

Houston vs San Francisco

Winner: San Francisco

Reason: Houston continues to self implode, and I continue to feel extreme joy.

San Diego vs Oakland

Winner: San Diego

Reason: Oakland has been impressive, but, I just can't see them winning this one.

New York (Jets) vs Atlanta

Winner: Atlanta

Reason: I know I know. "That Jets front seven is so good though!" Be that as it may, Atlanta is the better team...and Geno sucks.

There you go folks! Another week of games, and another week of picks. See ya'll in the comments!

(Last weeks picks: here)

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