PFF Grades for Titans players and next week's opponent - Week 5

ProFootballFocus reviews each football game grading the play of each individual player on each play. Their grading provides some insight on how individual players played, so I find it useful when seeing where the weak and strong parts of each team are.

So, each week, I plan on showing how the Titans players grade at PFF versus the upcoming opponent.

We are a quarter through the year, so these grades are starting to become more meaningful.


Titans Player

Next week's opponent

Titans PFF Grade (rank in league)

Titans PFF Grade Last Week

Opponent's PFF grade (rank in league)



Jake Locker

Alex Smith

+8.1 (6th)


-0.6 (23rd)


Chris Johnson

Jamaal Charles

-5.0 (54th)


+0.3 (27th)


Colin Mooney

Anthony Sherman

+4.9 (2nd)


+6.8 (1st)


Delanie Walker

Sean McGrath

-0.4 (27th)


+4.1 (7th)


Craig Stevens

Anthony Fasano

-1.8 (37th)


+0.9 (16th)


Nate Washington

Dwayne Bowe

+7.5 (2nd)


-0.7 (68th)


Kendall Wright

Donnie Avery

+2.6 (33rd)


-1.1 (75th)


Damian Williams

Dexter McCluster

+1.4 (41st)


-3.6 (96th)


Michael Roos

Branden Albert

+10.2 (3rd)


+3.6 (24th)


Andy Levitre

Jeff Allen

-0.6 (33rd)


+1.8 (26th)


Rob Turner

Rodney Hudson

-7.4 (33rd)


-0.7 (20th)


Chance Warmack

Jon Asamoah

-3.1 (46th)


+2.5 (21st)


David Stewart

Eric Fisher

+0.7 (34th)


-6.5 (63rd)


DL (4-3 DT / 3-4 NT)

Jurrell Casey

Dontari Poe

+13.9 (3rd)


+3.7 (17th)

DL (4-3 DT / 3-4 DE)

Mike Martin / Antonio Johnson

Tyson Jackson

+2.8 (23rd) / -1.3 (44th)


+8.3 (4th)

DL (4-3 DE / 3-4 DE)

Ropati Pitoitua

Mike Devito

-0.9 (31st)


+6.3 (8th)

DL (4-3 DE / 3-4 OLB)

Derrick Morgan

Justin Houston

0.0 (26th)


+13.7 (1st)

DL (4-3 DE / 3-4 OLB)

Kamerion Wimbley

Tamba Hali

-3.0 (39th)


+10.0 (3rd)

LB (4-3 OLB / 3-4 ILB)

Zach Brown

Derrick Johnson

-2.1 (24th)


+5.2 (3rd)

LB (4-3 OLB / 3-4 ILB)

Akeem Ayers

Akeem Jordan

-0.7 (19th)


+3.5 (6th)

LB (4-3 MLB)

Moise Fokou

-8.8 (47th)



Jason McCourty

Sean Smith

+3.8 (9th)


+3.7 (12th)


Alterraun Verner

Brandon Flowers

+9.2 (1st)


-2.5 (77th)


Bernard Pollard

Kendrick Lewis

-5.0 (77th)


+1.7 (21st)


Michael Griffin

Eric Berry

+1.7 (24th)


+3.5 (12th)

S / CB3

George Wilson

Dunta Robinson

+3.9 (8th)


-5.6 (94th)

Titans players that grade well:

Jurrell Casey - Casey has played at a Pro Bowl level so far. He is the 3rd highest graded DT/NT in the league. He is the 4th best rushing DT/NT and 12th best against the run. Solid all around.

Alterraun Verner - If ATV keeps this kind of play up, then he may end up getting a pretty big contract. He is the highest graded CB in the league through 4 games and posted a +4.2 grade this last game. Ruston, pay this man already...

Jason McCourty - JMac is the 9th rated CB in the league per PFF. His play has been overshadowed by ATV but it's hard to argue that he isn't playing at a high level as well.

George Wilson - Wilson is the 8th rated safety per PFF. Gray/Williams need to keep finding ways to get him on the field as he is just solid, especially in pass coverage over the middle (one of the big weaknesses of Titan's teams in the past). A lot of us love Pollard, but Wilson has been the better safety, even posting a +1.8 grade in run support (higher than Pollard's +0.5 run support grade).

Nate Washington - Nate is the 2nd highest rated receiver in the league per PFF. Everyone talks of how ATV has elevated his play after facing competition in training camp, but how about Nate? Trade rumors over the offseason, drafting another WR in the early rounds, etc...and Nate has just balled out so far this season. Britt, this is how a real #1 WR plays.

Michael Roos - How boring...another good game from Roos, the 3rd highest rated OT per PFF. He posted a +3.2 against the Jets. He is so good that no one even questions it.

David Stewart - Stewart has put together back-to-back good games. It looks like he is back to his old self now, which will only help Fitz over these next few games.

Jake Locker - The saddest thing about Locker's injury is how well he has been playing this year. He is the 6th highest graded QB in the league through 4 games. Zero interceptions, zero fumbles, 6 pass TDs, and 1 rush TD with a 99 QB rating. Any way you look at it, Locker is a top 10 QB, which just makes it so sad that he got that strange hip injury.

Titans players that graded poor:

Rob Turner - Turner is not the worst center in the league anymore!!! Yeah!!! He's just the second worst...when is it Schwenke time yet?

Bernard Pollard - Pollard's low grade is almost entirely due to his coverage. Titans knew that was a weakness and that's why they use Wilson on obvious passing downs, but you can't argue with the leadership and toughness that Pollard has brought to this defense. However, I would like to see more Wilson out there as he has played so much better than Pollard.

Moise Fokou - Fokou's play has slipped these past few weeks. Gray/Williams should try to work McCarthy in more to see how the defense plays with McCarthy in there.

Andy Levitre / Chance Warmack - Warmack/Levitre have yet to play up to the level that you would expect. Granted, they have to play next to Turner so that may be an issue, but I still expect them to get better as the year goes along.

Mike Martin / Antonio Johnson - The coaches love Mookie's size and veteran presence, but he is getting outplayed by the younger Martin. I would like to see Martin get some more snaps to see if he can keep up that level of play.

Chiefs players that grade well:

Justin Houston / Tamba Hali - You are going to see a theme here with the Chiefs players that have high PFF grades. They are all on defense. It starts with the outside pass rush of Houston and Hali, 1st and 3rd rated 3-4 OLBs, respectively. This will be the biggest test for Roos and Stewart all year.

Tyson Jackson / Mike Devito - Jackson and Devito are the 4th and 8th highest graded 3-4 DEs per PFF. They will provide an interesting matchup for both Levitre and Warmack, so these highly touted guards need to up their game this week.

Dontari Poe / Derrick Johnson / Akeem Jordan - Poe is the 17th rated DT/NT in the league and Johnson / Jordan are the 3rd and 6th rated ILBs in the league. It will be another tough game running up the middle, especially considering Poe is going head-to-head with Turner.

Eric Berry / Sean Smith - Berry and Smith are the 12th highest graded safety and CB in the league, respecitvely. I think it should be easy for Fitz - find where Smith and Berry are and throw in the other direction as the other part of the Chiefs secondary is the weakest part of their defense.

Chiefs players that grade poor:

Alex Smith - Smith is the 23rd highest graded QB. Just like the Chiefs defense is loaded with talent, the offense is not. Smith is your prototypical "game manager" and just doesn't have the arm to threaten downfield. This is why I think having Wilson in more to cover the shallow routes would be more beneficial.

Dwayne Bowe / Donnie Avery - Both Bowe and Avery have not graded well this year...of course, WR play is highly dependent on QB play so there is that. However, I expect ATV and McCourty to handle both of these receivers pretty easily.

Eric Fisher - The Chiefs offensive line is not necessarily great in any one place, but Fisher is the weak link. The #1 overall draft pick isn't living up to the billing yet, and you can bet that Williams / Gray have some blitzes and pass rush aimed at him.


The Chiefs defense is pretty solid all around but does have weaknesses in the secondary. I would have a similar offensive gameplan as against the Jets - some runs off tackle (to stay away from Turner having to block) and attack the weak part of the Chiefs secondary. Fitz has the arm, and with how well Nate, Kendall, Damian, and Hunter are playing, enough WR depth to do just that, so I can see the Titans offense having some success there.

The Chiefs offense is pretty anemic. As long as the Titans tackle well and not allow Charles any space to break long runs, it will depend on how well Alex Smith plays. And, the Titans pass defense and pass rush is very good, so the Titans should be able to stop the Chiefs offense.

The Chiefs have yet to play a good team, with the Cowboys being the only decent team they have played and barely beat (remember, the Cowboys 2 wins this year are against the Giants and the Rams, enough said). The Titans have already faced competition this year in the Texans and Chargers. I expect the Chiefs to come back down to earth and the Titans to win solidly, although not in a high-scoring affair. I can see a 20-6 win for the Titans here.

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