Needing to be 4-3 at Bye over 3-4

Why the Titans need to be 4-3 going into the Bye and not 3-4. We will be looking at the remaining games for both the Colts and Titans and what the tie breakers are for Division winners.

Both the Colts and Titans have a Bye in week 8.

This is if the Titans and Colts are 4-3 going into the bye.

Titans Schedule

@ Rams, Vs Jags, Vs Colts, @ Raiders, @ Colts, @ Broncos, Vs Cards, @ Jags, and Vs Texans

Wins- Rams, Jags, Colts, Raiders, Cards, Jags, Texans
Loses- @Colts and @ Broncos

Finish- 11-5

Colts Schedule

@ Texans, Vs Rams, @ Titans, @ Cards, Vs Titans, @ Bengals, Vs Texans, @ Chiefs, Vs Jags

Wins- Rams, Cards, Titans, Texans, Jags
Loses- @ Titans, @ Chiefs
Toss-Ups- @ Bengals, @Texans

Finish- 9-7 or 10-6 or 11-5

If both teams were to finish 11-5 at this point then the Colts would win the division with a better division record of 5-1 to the Titans 4-2. However if the Colts beat the Bengals and split with the Texans then it would go to the next tie break.

The next tie break would be Win % based on common games. This year the AFC South played the AFC West and NFC West.

This is the current records against the AFC West (Titans 1-1) (Colts 1-1), NFC West (Titans 1-1) (Colts 2-0)
Projected records against AFC West (Titans 2-2) (Colts 1-3) against NFC West (Titans 3-1) (Colts 4-0)

Common Games Record (Titans 5-3) (Colts 5-3)

At this time the teams would go to the 4th tie-break which is Win % within conference games.

Current records vs AFC (Titans 3-2) (Colts 2-2) (2-3 after week 7 lose to Broncos)
Projected records vs AFC (Titans 8-4) (Colts 5-8 or 6-6 or 7-5)

At this point the Titans would win the division.

This is why going 4-3 into the bye is so important.

If the Titans split with the Colts in Head-to-Head and finish with the same record the only chance the Titans have to win the division is to have the Colts lose just 1 of the other 3 division games they have with the Texans and Jags.

If the Titans are 3-4 going into the Bye then we would need to get all the games I already stated finishing 10-6. To win the division we would need the Colts to lose to the Bengals and split with the Texans to finish 9-7. If we are 3-4 going into the bye and tie with the Colts at the end of the season will lose on the common games win % going (4-4) to the (5-3) for the Colts.

I hope that the coaches see that we need this win this week and play Locker.

Can this get Rec so it stays on top for a little bit?

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