Jerlindsey's Weekly Picks (Week 7)

Week Seven

"Completely biased, and from the gut!"

Whoo! Last week was a good week for me! (Picks wise). I went 12 – 3 last week. Baller. That puts me at 57-33 for the year so far. The most pleasant of losses was the Texans falling to the Rams. The media darling, Super Bowl bound, "Favorite to win the AFC South", Texans lost to the Rams. A lose to the Jaguars would have been SO much sweeter, but falling to the Rams is just as nice if you ask me. I also was not expecting the Patriots to beat Drew Brees the Saints either. I guess it isn’t that hard when you have an offensive line that is so LEET in pass protection:

 photo patriotway_zps22318be4.gif

Well it is a new week, and different match ups. Let us see what my gut is feeling this week:

Seattle vs Arizona

A division game in the NFC West to start things off for week seven. I’m not saying that Arizona CAN’T win…but they aren’t going to. Seattle is the better team, and I think that is pretty clear. I will say that Arizona is kind of surprising this year…only kinda.

Seattle wins the battle in the desert (do they have crickets there?)

Tampa Bay vs Atlanta

Tampa Bay continues to suck, and Atlanta also continues to kind of suck. The only thing is: Atlanta sucks a little less. Atlanta lost Julio Jones, and Roddy White has been hindered from an injury from earlier this year, but I’m still not convinced Tampa Bay is the better team. The Falcons will squeak out a win here (at least they should).

Falcons pick at the Swashbucklers, and escape with the win

Chicago vs Washington

It’s been pretty rough for the Redskins this year. RG3 hasn’t been himself, they are 3rd in their division, and they keep getting heat for their team name. Things aren’t going to be easier on them this week either though. Chicago is tough (tougher than Dallas?) and I just cannot see Washington winning.

The Bears maul the Redskins

Dallas vs Philadelphia

Philadelphia has not been good. Dallas has shown glimpses of good. Dallas is gooder (I hope that made you cringe) than Philadelphia (that was tough to type). I think it will be a close game, but I see Dallas coming up with the win.

Cowboys shoot down the Eagles

New England vs New York (Jets)

Wait…didn’t they like JUST play each other? Oh…like five weeks ago, and New England almost lost, but won by only three points. Hmm…I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Jets win this one. They are playing in New York this time so maybe that will give them the edge. New England probably is on a high right now since they beat Drew Brees the Saints last week….I’m still going to go with the Jets with the upset (I really hate the Patriots).

Jets fly over the Patriots

Buffalo vs Miami

Miami comes back from the bye at home against a divisional rival. Buffalo is a little beat up, but, despite losing their starting Quarterback, has been putting up a good fight. They have now lost two weeks in a row, and I see this one being loss number three for them. However, it isn’t due to lack of trying.

Dolphins swim away from the Bills with a win.

San Diego vs Jacksonville

One week I will have to stop making Jacksonville the escape goat losers of the week. This, however, is not that week.

San Diego electrifies the Jaguars

St. Louis vs Carolina

I’m picking the Panthers here. I think Cam Newton and the Panthers will prowl on the Rams, and will bring them down from whatever cloud they are on after beating Houston last week.

Panthers feast on the Rams

Cincinnati vs Detroit

Hmm…I really do not know who to pick for this one. Cincinnati has the ability to beat Detroit...but Detroit has the ability to beat Cincinnati. Both teams, in my eyes, seem to be pretty evenly matched. Well…crap. *Reaches into pocket and pulls out a coin. Flips said coin…*

Bengals beat Lions in clash of the jungle cats

San Francisco vs Tennessee

We have lost two weeks in a row now. Sucks. Last week I picked our boys to lose, and I ended up being correct. It was another game that ended with all of us saying, "We could have won that game." This week I think we actually will win this game. Shonn Greene is back. Schwenke gets the nod at center. Locker isn’t back, but dammit he is close. The bye week is next week, and this game is at home and it is CODE BLUE. This game Fitz goes out there (doesn’t throw two interceptions), and we get a close win going into the bye.

Titans are bigger than 49ers (It’s science)

Houston vs Kansas City

It was announced today that the Texans will be starting Case Keenum at Quarterback this Sunday….

 photo NicolasCageLaugh_zpsb2171104.gif

Chiefs shoot arrows into the hearts of Texans

Baltimore vs Pittsburgh

I don’t like talking about either of these teams…so I won’t.

Ravens scavenge off of the remains of the Steelers

Cleveland vs Green Bay

Cleveland pulled out a few surprises so far this year, but, come on, they are about to take on Green Bay. Rodgers isn’t too pleased with the injury to Cobb either. Look out for that wrath (I mean…look at what he did after that loss to San Fran!).

Green Bay flushes the Browns.

Denver vs Indianpolis

Ho-ly shit. I was only minorly excited for this game, but after this week, I cannot WAIT for this game. I am in no means a Denver fan, but Irsay is about to have his twitter heart smashed in front of millions of people. I hope it is so bad that Andrew Luck is seen crying. I want that so bad. Please Manning. Please destroy all that they love for me.

Broncos are better horses than Colts.

Minnesota vs New York (Giants)

Wait…this is a Monday night game? For real? *Yawn* Well…maybe this week the Giants will get their first win?

Giants step on the Vikings

So that is it. My picks have officially been made for week seven, and once again, I used my lunch break for this! Hopefully you enjoy this. Let me know what you think in the links. I also tried out a new format for my picks, which I’m hoping is way better than before as well. As always, see ya’ll in the comments!

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