PFF Grades for Titans players and next week's opponent - Week 7

ProFootballFocus reviews each football game grading the play of each individual player on each play. Their grading provides some insight on how individual players played, so I find it useful when seeing where the weak and strong parts of each team are.

So, each week, I plan on showing how the Titans players grade at PFF versus the upcoming opponent.


Titans Player

Next week's opponent

Titans PFF Grade (rank in league)

Titans PFF Grade Last Week

Opponent's PFF grade (rank in league)



Jake Locker / Ryan Fitzpatrick

Colin Kaepernick

+7.6 (11th) / -4.9 (28th)


-8.9 (36th)


Chris Johnson

Frank Gore

-5.7 (51st)


+7.0 (4th)


Colin Mooney

Bruce Miller

+4.9 (4th)


+4.9 (3rd)


Delanie Walker

Vernon Davis

-1.2 (35th)


+7.6 (2nd)


Craig Stevens

Vance McDonald

-1.8 (38th)


-3.5 (49th)


Nate Washington

Anquan Boldin

+7.0 (8th)


-0.5 (64th)


Kendall Wright

Kyle Williams

+4.2 (23rd)


-3.4 (98th)


Damian Williams

+0.1 (56th)



Michael Roos

Joe Staley

+7.0 (20th)


+10.0 (13th)


Andy Levitre

Mike Iupati

-1.8 (36th)


-4.2 (53rd)


Rob Turner

Jonathan Goodwin

-13.1 (33rd)


-4.2 (28th)


Chance Warmack

Alex Boone

-4.8 (57th)


+2.9 (21st)


David Stewart

Anthony Davis

-1.5 (41st)


+2.4 (31st)


DL (3-4 NT)

Jurrell Casey

Glenn Dorsey

+15.6 (4th)


+8.7 (12th)

DL (3-4 DE)

Antonio Johnson

Justin Smith

-3.3 (54th)


+4.1 (17th)

DL (3-4 DE)

Ropati Pitoitua

Ray McDonald

-4.2 (38th)


+3.6 (18th)

DL (3-4 OLB)

Derrick Morgan

Corey Lemonier

+2.3 (19th)


+5.3 (12th)

DL (3-4 OLB)

Kamerion Wimbley

Ahmad Brooks

-1.7 (40th)


+2.3 (21st)

LB (3-4 OLB)

Zach Brown

Patrick Willis

-5.0 (28th)


+1.9 (12th)

LB (3-4 ILB)

Akeem Ayers

Navorro Bowman

-2.3 (21st)


+5.0 (6th)

LB (3-4 ILB)

Moise Fokou

Michael Wilhoite

-9.1 (47th)


-2.6 (26th)


Jason McCourty

Carlos Rogers

+8.3 (4th)


+3.4 (19th)


Alterraun Verner

Tarell Brown

+11.7 (1st)


+3.6 (16th)


Bernard Pollard

Donte Whitner

-0.8 (44th)


+6.3 (5th)


Michael Griffin

Eric Reid

+6.5 (4th)


+4.9 (8th)

S / CB3

George Wilson

Tramaine Brock

+2.6 (19th)


+4.7 (12th)

Titans players that grade well:

ATV / JMac - It's settled. The Titans have the best CB tandem in the league, period. Both CBs are worth top 10 CB money and both should get it (JMac is already getting paid, so it's ATV's turn now).

Michael Griffin - Griffin has risen from the ashes like a phoenix. I think I can count his missed tackles this year on one finger. The improved pass rush and aggressiveness added by fellow safety Bernard Pollard has turned Griffin back into the Pro Bowl safety that he was so long ago.

Jurrell Casey - Casey had an average game last week, which is a bad game for him. He'll have his work cut out for him going against SF's offensive line.

Titans players that grade poor:

Ryan Fitzpatrick - Fitzpatrick's play last week bordered on the scale of Rusty Smith type playing. That's how bad it was...he can't have another 2 interception game again, at home, can he?

Chris Johnson - CJ has not had a good game yet this year. So, who's to blame? It doesn't matter...if CJ can't get going then he ain't worth the contract he has now. And this league is all about business...draw your own conclusions.

Rob Turner - The only good thing about Turner's poor play last week is that it finally pushed Munchak to make the switch to Schwenke. It's been a long time coming but Schwenke is going to have a really, really tough test in his first game ever in the NFL.

Andy Levitre / Chance Warmack - Both guards are not living up to their hype yet. We should be getting better play from the top free agent guard and the 10th overall pick. With Schwenke in the lineup, there are no more excuses. They have a tough test this week but this is why we got these guys - to match up against the best.

Colin McCarthy - McCarthy graded out as -2.2 last week. Not a good outing at all...I'm hoping with a full week of practice with the first defense that he can regain his rookie form. If he has a similar outing this week, then Fokou needs to get better quick and Webster needs to start scouting MLBs for this upcoming draft.

49ers players that grade well:

Their entire defense - It's hard to find a weakness in this defense, there really isn't one. I would probably run at Ahmad Brooks side but that's just because there aren't many other places to choose from. Losing Aldon Smith has slowed their pass rush although Lemonier has stepped up his play. The Titans have faced some tough defenses this year, but SF's defense is the toughest.

Joe Staley / Anthony Davis - Arguably, SF may have a better tandem at tackle than the Titans. Staley is a rock at LT and Davis is a young star at RT. Morgan and Pitoitua better step up this game.

Frank Gore - Gore is the 4th highest graded RB in the league. Despite getting long in the tooth, he is still pounding out yards behind a very solid offensive line. McCarthy, if you ever wanted to prove your worth in this league and show that you can play with the big boys, this is the game. Please play better than last week.

49ers players that grade poor:

Colin Kaepernick - The amazing thing is that Kaep has graded about as well as Fitz has. How the mighty have can pinpoint to several things that have caused the collapse of Kaepernick, but the Titans should consider him deadly still, especially if he gets outside of the pocket.

Mike Iupati / Jonathan Goodwin - The one weakness on SF's offensive line is on the left side currently. Iupati's play this year has dropped from his high level of play last year. And, Goodwin is not playing at a high level either...this is where the Titans should focus Casey and/or blitzes to get into Kaepernick's face.


In a lot of ways, the 49ers are a lot like the two teams that we just played, the Chiefs and Seahawks. The 49ers defense is stout throughout so I don't expect the Titans to move the ball that well this week. The 49ers offense is all about Frank Gore and the running game with Kaepernick's mobility as the wild card.

The Titans gameplan should be similar to last week's. Run off tackle and/or force the 49ers into dime / nickel packages where they may be a little more vulnerable. Defensively, Casey needs to exploit the left side and Brown/Wilson will have to show they can cover Vernon Davis down the middle. McCarthy is going to have show he is worthy of a starting spot by tackling Frank Gore and not allowing those yards after contact and also helping to contain Kaepernick in the pocket.

Just like last week, the rational fan in me thinks that the Titans probably won't win, but the homer in me can't pick against the Titans. This is going to be another low scoring affair, probably even worse than last week. My big assumption: Fitz is not as bad of a QB as he has been these last two weeks and he leads us to a win, 13-6.

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